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State Impact: 4-H Animals and Agriculture

4-H doubled Golden Egg Contest participation, increased Chick Chain participation and Pig Squeal participation by 11% (10,920 chickens in Chick Chain; 1,920 sold), 75 Dairy Poster participants, 10 Dairy Judging Contest teams, 6 Dairy Bowl T…

Lee County Veterans Outreach

More than 9,800 veterans live in Lee County, and the majority are not receiving all of the benefits available. The goal of the Lee County Veterans Outreach is to meet the veterans in Lee County and make sure that they are aware of thei…

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Support Alabama 4-H on Tiger Giving Day

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Auburn University Foundation’s annual Tiger Giving Day returns Feb. 21. This year, Alabama 4-H is asking that you consider choosing to support them on Tiger Giving Day. Contributions to Alabama 4-H will help s…

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Buying, Storing & Preparing Fresh Vegetables

…est Quality
Knowing which vegetables should be stored at room temperature and which do better in the refrigerator will go a long way toward maintaining quality. Many vegetables can change texture and flavor if kept too cold. For example, s…

3 min read

Fresh from the Farm Alabama Recipes: Squash Casserole

*This recipe is an excerpt from Fresh from the Farm Alabama Recipes, FCS-2112.

We hope you enjoy the following recipes collected from farmers across the state of Alabama. The recipes include produce the farmers themselves have grown on …

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Organic Insecticide Rotations and Tank-mixes for Vegetable Crops

…p you gain experience in using new premix insecticides or rotations according to the insecticide label. Always maintain good spray records and compare multiyear observations for developing a long-term IPM plan.
Organic Insecticide Tank-mix…

4 min read

Management Considerations for Rye Cover Crop Production

…zing seeding rates and fertilization can lower the overall cost per acre for biomass production.

In an ongoing study conducted at the Wiregrass Research and Extension Center in Headland, Alabama, the effect of planting date, …

3 min read

Spotted Seatrout in Alabama

…have high river flows in April or May, which result in very low salinities in the bay. Some bay areas that are normally good spawning habitats may have salinities too low to support spawning. Research from Louisiana indicates that under the…

5 min read

Transfer Taxes

…d have a $40 taxable gain. Return of basis is not taxable.] For example, if dad had a $500,000 farm he bought 20 years ago for $200,000 and he gave it to his son before he died, the son’s basis would be $200,000 and if he sold the farm he w…

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…using a living trust; otherwise, you are dependent on someone else to create and fund the trust and all the assets must go through probate (subject to fees).
Why would I want a trust?
A trust provides greater control over the timing and c…

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…re from a deceased grandparent. For example, if Albert had 3 children, Brett, Claire and David, and Brett died 4 years ago survived by his wife Ethel and their two children Frank and Grace and Albert’s will left everything to his 3 children…

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…viously, an attorney would recommend that you see an attorney, but that is not required. If you want to do-it-yourself, go to the Probate Judge’s office and get a copy of an Alabama will that has already been probated (the internet will may…

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Beef Herd Management Strategies

…t. The following are key management practices you can implement to improve herd sustainability.
Keep Cattle Healthy
A good herd health program is essential to any farm management operation. Many producers think about vaccinations, dewormi…

3 min read

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Pesticide Related Forms

…to have all this information available to you on one Page. Please visit our individual Commercial Applicator Permit category pages to get more specific information for each Category.
ADAI Pesticide Management Contacts:
General …

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Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Suicide

…escents, and the lack of communication around suicide often increases the need to attach blame to someone or something. Gossip around the suicide may lead to blame, which can strain and dissolve relationships, being placed on friends, famil…

7 min read