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Mode of Action Video Part 1 – Spanish Handout

…tipos de pesticidas. Los herbicidas eliminan plantas; los desinfectantes remueven gérmenes; los fungicidas eliminan hongos; los insecticidas matan insectos y los repelentes ahuyentan plagas. Muchos otros pesticidas controlan a otros artró…

Mode of Action Video Part 2 – English Handout

…r level preventing RNA or DNA from constructing.

30. Inhibitors of sterol synthesis stop the process that produces ergosterol. This is similar to cholesterol in humans and most fungi need this or membrane structure and function.

31. T…

Mode of Action Video Part 1 – English Handout

…a toxic effect on the target plant, animal or microorganism.

4. Pesticide mode of action can be divided into two categories: systemic, and contact.

5. Systemic involves the pesticide penetrating the plant or animal and translocating w…

Mode of Action Video – Glossary

… The way a pesticide exerts a toxic effect on the target plant, animal or microorganism and can be divided into two categories: systemic, and contact.

Molluscicide: A chemical used to control snails and slugs.

Molting: In invertebrate…

Damage to Hay

…rgency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm- raised Fish Program (ELAP). Find more information at
To qualify for the program, hay had to have been baled. The program will not cover hay that was cut and on the g…

Livestock That Died As a Result of A Storm Event

…erefore, understand methods of responsible carcass disposal to protect their herds from various infectious diseases, be good stewards of the environment, and promote a positive image for the livestock industry.
Proper carcass disposal fi…

Physical Damage to Fences and Grazing Lands

… FSA is recommended to determine eligibility for the program.
It is critical that producers experiencing a loss take good pictures and document the number of feet/miles of fence that were lost.

Read more about …

Maintaining Health of Grazing Livestock

… feed restriction will need to gain weight significantly and are likely to need supplemental concentrate in addition to good-quality hay or pasture. Make sure that a good-quality mineral supplement is being provided and that the cattle are …

Route of Entry Video Part 2 – Spanish Handout

…n estanque, de un sistema de irrigación o de un bebedero para lavar y diluir el pesticida.

23. Nunca trate de dar algo por vía oral a una persona que está inconsciente.

24. No induzca al vómito a menos que así lo indiquen las eti…

Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Considerations Following a Flood Event

…he area to make sure there are no hazardous objects in the area. These might include old equipment that could scrape or gouge livestock, chemical containers, bale wrap or hay twine.
Observe livestock for sickness. Check livestock for wou…

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Route of Entry Video Part 1 – Spanish Handout

…o y las mascotas. A través de los guantes y las manos se puede transferir pesticidas a otras partes del cuerpo. El riesgo también puede depender del Equipo de Protección Personal, o PPE por sus siglas en inglés, la edad y el estado de s…

Route of Entry Video Part 1 – English Handout

…ith you. It will help determine the proper course of treatment. Common illness such as the flu, pneumonia, or even a hangover can have symptoms similar to pesticide exposure. However, take every precaution and to seek medical help to ensure…

Personal Protective Equipment Applicator Video – Spanish Handout

…dos los PPE protegen de la misma manera contra todos los pesticidas. Use siempre camisa de mangas largas, pantalones largos, zapatos cerrados y medias para manipular o trabajar cerca de pesticidas y sus productos residuales.

5. En alguna…

Personal Protective Equipment Applicator Video – English Handout


12. Gloves reduce exposure by 99%.

13. Labels specify glove material and thickness and sometimes solvent category. Select a durable glove that does not tear or puncture and will protect for the duration of the task. Use elbow len…

Saturated Soils and Wind: A Recipe for Toppling Trees

…on the lower trunk or exposed roots.
Trees in Compacted Soils
Large trees growing on heavily compacted soils are also good candidates for toppling in wet, windy weather. Tree roots can only grow in soils that have space for oxygen. The mo…

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