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Winter Maintenance for Lawns and Landscapes

Fertilize the lawn
Apply a winter fertilizer to cool-season lawns to encourage thicker root growth. Warm-season lawns go dormant and turn to amber shades after frost.
Drain irrigation systems
Properly drain and blow out automated irriga…

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Harvest for Health: Making an Impact on Cancer Survivors

…m and their Master Gardener volunteers have successfully supported cancer research since 2010; the latest study still ongoing through 2021. These studies aim to document the health benefits of gardening for cancer survivors.
Harvest for He…

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Calibrating Sprayers Important For Gardeners

…tep Two: With only water in the tank, measure the time required, in seconds, to spray the marked area.

East said the goal is to apply the water consistently. Try applying the water several times until you determine your average time.

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Winter Maintenance for Gardens and Flower Beds

…ng under pest and disease free litter is another option. Replenish your compost pile. Remove diseased litter to promote good sanitation and to prevent future problems with pests.
Address weed problems
Remove and trash or burn those pesky …

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So You Have Soil Insect Pests – Now What?

…and reduce any plant stress under dry conditions.
Example of granular insecticides (organic/conventional): Bug-N-Sluggo (iron phosphate and spinosad), Monterey Ant Control and Fertilome Come-and-get-it (spinosad), Sevin Granule (zeta-cyp…

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Elmore Named Outstanding Extension Educator

…d. The Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association (BCIA) presented this award as a part of their annual meeting in Montgomery. This award recognizes and honors an exceptional Extension Educator and their support and implementation of beef …

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Fertilizing Pecan Trees Important for Overall Health

…es can be tricky because of the many environmental factors that affect a tree’s health. One of the best ways to promote good health in pecan trees in establishing a proper fertilizing program. Chip East, an Alabama Extension horticulture re…

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Horse Project

…ch as horse judging, to enter for free. Only the riding classes require the participant to own or lease a horse.

The goal is to prepare the horse to be shown in its perspective classes at the horse show. The goal for the educational clas…

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Strawberries: Alabama’s Sweet Business

…ocated at all the welcome center across the state. They are also in several major cities’ visitor centers such as Montgomery and Birmingham. Any business or farmer that would like copies of the publication may request them through Extensi…

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Mulches for the Home Landscape

…oving soil structure.
Pine Needles
Apply 3 to 6 inches. Pine needles will not mat down, are fairly durable, and allow good penetration of water and air into the soil. Great for winter protection on perennials because of its nonmatting qua…

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Alabama Extension Hosts Alfalfa in the South May 7

… is scheduled for May 7 in Troy, Alabama. Held at the Cattlemen’s Park, this one-day workshop starts at 8:30 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m.

Hosted by Alabama Extension, the training will include up-to-date research with alfalfa in the Sou…

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Soybean Varietal Sensitivity Seen Following Saflufenacil Applications

…vides excellent burndown control of marestail/horseweed and other broadleaf weeds in soybeans when used properly.

Good coverage and a methylated seed oil (MSO) are required for optimal performance,” Sandlin said.
Soybean Varietal S…

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Subterranean Termite Control Products for Alabamians

…olony members, ultimately leading to the decline or perhaps elimination of the colony.

Using baiting systems is an ongoing process that involves monitoring, baiting, and inspecting because no persistent pesticide is applied in the vicini…

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Phosphorus Basics: Understanding Phosphorus Forms and Their Cycling in the Soil

…hosphorus cycle in soil can be correlated with the types of money in your bank. Just as money can be separated into categories—savings or checking accounts, the checks you carry for use as needed, and the cash you keep with you—phosphor…

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