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A New Virus Disease in Alabama Cotton

…h an estimated farm gate income of $325 million and yield of 899 pounds lint per acre on 470,000 acres in 2018, cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) is Alabama’s most economically important agronomic crop. With the exception of the whitefly-transm…

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New Training Required To Use Paraquat Products

…in the EPA rules.”
More Information
Additional information about the new required trainings can be found at For further information, contact Dr. Tho…

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4-H Celebrates National Volunteer Week

…b year, 4-H volunteers contributed 175,049 hours to 4-H programs.
Become a 4-H Club Leader
4-H direct volunteers undergo comprehensive background checks and an extensive eight-part training program. 4-H volunteers are expected to work coo…

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Poultry Pest Management

…ceilings, and floors. At night, the mite becomes active and crawls onto the bird to take a blood meal. Infestations may go unnoticed unless birds are examined at night. If mites are found on the birds only at night, this indicates that it i…

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Alabama Prospective Planting Numbers Released

…RN, Ala.—A year of tumultuous weather and natural disasters, 2018 brought challenges where expectations were high for good yields and market pricing. In Alabama alone, producers experienced hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding on top of the…

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SmartMap Education Program

…ing PDH

The SmartMap workshops are funded in part by the Bradley Murphy Trust.   Learn more about the Trust and its goals of improving the management of private forests by encouraging productive business relationships between forest lan…

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National Wild Turkey Federation Supports 4-H

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.– Youth from across Alabama will gather at the Alabama 4-H Center April 13 for the annual state 4-H Archery Championship. Funding by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) this year has allowed the program to pu…

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Alabama 4-H S.A.F.E. Championships Preview

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.– Starting March 30, young archers and marksmen across Alabama will star in a series of shooting sports championships hosted by Alabama 4-H.

Every year, each 4-H shooting sports discipline offers a state champion…

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Route of Entry Video – Part 1 and Part 2

Route of Entry Video Part 1
This video discusses the primary ways you can be exposed to pesticides, acute vs. chronic toxicity, and poisoning symptoms. 97% of all exposure is through the skin.  The liver and the kidneys are the primary or…

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FAQ’s about the Pesticide Applicator University

…on the second day around noon. Future events could change depending on the development of the program.
How often can I go to the PAU?
The PAU is offered every other year. You can attend every time it is offered.
How many tracks do you of…

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