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Beef Cow Pregnancy Examination

… is usually no substantial price difference between blood tests and transrectal palpation.

While there are certainly good reasons to use the blood tests for pregnancy diagnosis in some herds (especially if veterinary services are not rea…

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Making a Change with Social Marketing

…pport the direct education and policy, systems, and environmental change initiatives for years to come. The overarching goal was to develop memorable, engaging, and effective SNAP-Ed resources and to integrate them into local communities as…

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Direct Education Moves Youth and Parents Toward Better Health

…Physical Activity: At the end of BQ, treatment students participated in physical activity more often, including more vigorous types of activity like sports and other activities that increase heart rate for at least 30 minutes, compared to …

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Partnership with CDC: A Snapshot of Bullock County, Alabama

…ProHealth) aims to prevent and reduce obesity by supporting community coalitions in creating healthier communities. The goal of CDC ALProHealth is to foster healthy lifestyles in 14 counties with adult obesity rates greater than 40%. A key …

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Positive Changes Spread Across Alabama for a Healthier Culture

…r stocking healthy items.
Promotional efforts provided recipe demonstrations, tastings, and signage and expanded the Good Choice initiative, a partnership with SNAP-Ed and the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Alabama yout…

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Live Well in Alabama: FY18 Annual Report

…o the physical space

Increased shelf space for healthier foods and beverages in grocery stores
Initiated, reinvigorated, and sustained edible gardens

PROMOTION – A marketing strategy to increase appeal

Provided recipe demo…

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Common Complications With Calving

…within 12 hours. If your herd is experiencing a more frequent occurrence than the typical 3 to 5 percent, it would be a good idea to reevaluate your herd management program. Cows with retained placentas are often slower to rebreed.


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Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus

…lance), and vaccination. Specific BVDV control protocols will differ from one cattle farm to the next depending on herd goals, herd health history, BVDV exposure risk factors, etc. Work with your veterinarian and Extension agent to create a…

3 min read

Thistle Control for Pastures

…d stunting can occur and may cause distress to the landowner.
What is the optimal herbicide treatment timing?
If your goal is spring forage production, treating early when thistles are still rosettes is best. While there are several herbi…

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Macartney Rose (Rosa bracteata) Control Update

…acartney rose control since the early 1980s and there are several new herbicides that have not been tested. The overall goal is to develop a long-term management system for Macartney rose. However, the initial objective was to evaluate the …

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Pastora for Weed Control in Bermudagrass Hayfields

…way to do this.
Can I use Pastora on newly planted bermudagrass?
No. It is only labeled for established bermudagrass (gone through at least one cutting).
I once tried Plateau or Panoramic (imazapic) on my bermudagass hay and it really in…

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Johnsongrass: Frequently Asked Questions

…til it becomes stressed. However, similar to kudzu, it is easy to graze it out with continuous grazing. It also makes a good hay crop, but only if you can cure it. Here are several frequently asked questions concerning Johnsongrass in pastu…

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Facet L Herbicides: Frequently Asked Questions

…0 gallons and a nitrogen fertilizer source (AMS or UAN) must be used. However, this may limit the expected performance. Good moisture conditions and actively growing weeds is particularly necessary for Facet L to achieve the best weed contr…

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Broomsedge: What Causes It In Pastures? How Can I Get Rid of It?

…. Early in the growing season, it is quite palatable and continued defoliation at this stage will help decrease plant vigor. However, as it is allowed to mature, it becomes highly fibrous and unpalatable and cattle will not eat it. Inadequa…

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