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Johnsongrass: Frequently Asked Questions

…til it becomes stressed. However, similar to kudzu, it is easy to graze it out with continuous grazing. It also makes a good hay crop, but only if you can cure it. Here are several frequently asked questions concerning Johnsongrass in pastu…

3 min read

Facet L Herbicides: Frequently Asked Questions

…0 gallons and a nitrogen fertilizer source (AMS or UAN) must be used. However, this may limit the expected performance. Good moisture conditions and actively growing weeds is particularly necessary for Facet L to achieve the best weed contr…

3 min read

Broomsedge: What Causes It In Pastures? How Can I Get Rid of It?

…. Early in the growing season, it is quite palatable and continued defoliation at this stage will help decrease plant vigor. However, as it is allowed to mature, it becomes highly fibrous and unpalatable and cattle will not eat it. Inadequa…

2 min read

Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria as an Alternative Form of Nitrogen Delivery

…creasing drought tolerance, insect resistance, nutrient uptake, and increasing top and root. Additionally, PGPR are antagonists toward pathogens through induced systemic resistance (ISR) by competing for nutrients, producing antibiotics, an…

2 min read

Nonvenomous Snakes Can Pose a Health Risk

…her wildlife will be on the move. Many people will come across a nonvenomous snake at some point. Though they have many good qualities, nonvenomous snakes can still pose a health risk to people.

While they do not have venom, a bite from …

2 min read

Hobby Loss Expenses

…deductions attributable to the activity in the following order and only to the extent stated in the following three categories:

Category 1 Deductions

Deductions the taxpayer can take for personal as well as for business activities are…

Business or Hobby? Active or Passive?

…ime to an activity in calculating whether a taxpayer has materially participated in an activity where such time is analogous to personal commuting (goshorn v. Comm’r, T.C. Memo. 1993-578). However, courts have allowed travel time in certain…

6 min read

Two-Spotted Spider Mite

Two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) is a polyphagous mite that feeds on many crops. Due to its quick life cycle and ability to survive extreme conditions, it is one of the main pests found on most crops and ornamental plants.


2 min read

Sugarcane Aphids Showing up in Alabama This Year

Sugarcane aphids, Melanaphis sacchari, have been found this week (May 2019) on Johnsongrass in Montgomery County, Alabama. Johnsongrass was surveyed at multiple sites between Dothan and Auburn and only one site contained small populations o…

1 min read

Protect Yourself from Salmonella in Backyard Poultry

…popularity. Even if you do not raise your own birds, you may still come in contact with backyard poultry. Have you ever gone to a farm store and played with the baby chicks and ducklings? Ever visit friends and pet their backyard birds?

1 min read

Wise Methods of Canning Vegetables

…ned vegetables to frozen ones, such as green beans and tomatoes. Some say they are much better canned and, if the power goes off, you will still have the canned items while the frozen ones will thaw over a period of several days.

8 min read

Avoiding Poisonous Plants

…s and close-toed shoes when in wooded areas.
Consider application of a preventive lotion, such as Ivy Block, before going outdoors.
Always wash clothes immediately upon return from walking in wooded areas.

Animals and Humans Reac…

3 min read

Summer Transition Checklist for Beef Cattle

… and desired production level and management.

2. Conduct a pasture assessment. As the seasons change, it is always a good practice to conduct a pasture/hayfield walk and evaluate available forage resources for the upcoming season. Visual…

2 min read

From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Tasty Taco Dip

… System at Auburn University. This initiative reaches residents across the state with research-based education.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices,” said Dr. Sondra Parmer, Alabama Extension specialist with SNAP…

1 min read

Numbers of Women in Ag on the Rise

…stem regional agent, says is due in part to a census that better reflects operation diversity.

“This census does a good job of documenting multiple family members, both male and female, who are involved in some aspect of decision makin…

3 min read