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Massive Perennial Yellow Jacket Nest Located in Baldwin County

…on to the Baldwin County nest, Ray has confirmed perennial nests in Bullock, Chilton, Clay, Coffee, Dallas, Marion, Montgomery, Shelby and Talladega counties.  The nest in Marion County marks a new northernmost point for a super nest in Al…

2 min read

From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Half Veggie Burgers

…ystem at Auburn University. This initiative reaches residents across the state with research-based education.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices,” said Sondra Parmer, Alabama Extension specialist with SNAP-E…

2 min read

Live Well Recipe: Grilled Cheese Surprise

Mix it up with our Grilled Cheese Surprise! Try adding veggies to your favorite recipes. Let your child–with clean hands–help tear spinach leaves into pieces. Serves 4.
Butter, softened

8 slices of whole wheat bread

1 min read

Protect Your Yard From Digging Animals

…often the culprit of complaints about yard damage. Armadillos search for earthworms and grubs, rooting up yards as they go.

Damage from an armadillo is fairly distinctive. When on the hunt, the armadillo uses its long, sharp claws to bre…

2 min read

Eat to Compete: Sports Nutrition for Young Adults—Hydration

…ttention to their body’s fluid needs. They often misunderstand and, as a result, underplay the importance of water to good nutrition. Through normal perspiration, respiration, and urination, the body can lose up to half a gallon of water …

6 min read

Smart Yard Landscapes

…Plan for Maintenance

Installation and maintenance should be included in your design. A smart design is only as good as the quality
of its installation and the practicality of its maintenance plan.
Aim for Diversity
Create a mosa…

3 min read

From the Live Well Alabama Kitchen – Power Mac and Cheese

… Well Alabama is cooking delicious Power Mac and Cheese. Feed the family with this healthy comfort food. For a grab-and-go snack, have cut-up broccoli in the fridge.

2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni
4 tablespoons flour

1 min read

Livestock Risk Protection for Feeder Cattle

For more information and important links, please see USDA RMA’s LRP Feeder Cattle Fact Sheet:

To find your certified crop insuran…

3 min read

Wasps: Watch Out This Summer

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. –While helpful in controlling other insects, wasps are more known for their painful stings. The term wasp is somewhat generic. Hornets, mud daubers and yellow jackets are all wasps, with hornets and yellow jackets …

3 min read

Feeding Game Birds: Pheasant, Quail, and Partridge

…any different varieties. Pheasant names seem to be related to the native homeland, such as the Chinese ring-neck and Mongolian, Szechwan, and Japanese pheasants. The common English pheasant also originated in Asia and was first introduced i…

7 min read

Pickens County 4-H Forestry Team Advances to National Competition

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.–The Pickens County 4-H senior forestry team won the annual Alabama 4-H State Forestry Invitational. Members of the team include Logan Snipes, Kade Lucas, Abel Abernathy and Luke Koon.

Youth from across the state…

1 min read

Wild Turkey Management in Alabama

…st of winter, wild turkeys gather in flocks. Flocks are usually distinct units comprised of adult and young hens, adult gobblers, or, by mid-winter, young gobblers. Large flocks, often referred to as droves, are more common in western races…

6 min read

Scouting and Managing Spider Mites in Vegetables

…ider mites are about 0.4 mm or smaller – they may look like dust particles with a naked eye. Due to their small size, good scouting practices include a magnifying lens, camera (people can even use smartphone cameras for magnification and …

3 min read

Management of Fall Armyworm in Pastures and Hayfields

…es. In closely grazed fields, the grass may seem to thin out and develop brown spots similar to those sometimes seen on golf courses (fig. 3). These spots look burned or browned out. This appearance is the result of grass plants rapidly deh…

10 min read