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Community Event Planning Guide

…ation committee handles the distribution of promotional materials. The registration committee ensures that registration forms and fees are collected and that on-site registration for participants and speakers goes The registration committee…

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Midwinter Leadership Retreat

…d letters of acceptance as a county volunteer from the county Extension coordinator or appropriate 4-H Foundation REA.
Each youth must bring a paper copy of the Alabama 4-H Youth Consent Form or complete the form in 4HOnline.


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Bovine Leukosis

… bovine leukemia virus (BLV). A different disease with a similar name, sporadic bovine leukosis, occurs in one of three forms: (1) the juvenile form in calves less than 6 months of age, (2) the thymic or adolescent form in cattle less than …

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Collecting Forage Samples for Laboratory Analysis

… a PDF of Collecting Forage Samples for Laboratory Analysis, ANR-2224. 

Read more on submitting a sample and needed forms.

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Acid Rain: An Overview

… rain can deplete this natural reserve. It takes millions of years for rocks to weather into fresh parent material that forms soil, one of our most valuable nonrenewable natural resources. Long-term weathering of soil minerals supplies many…

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…; pruned after June flowers fade to enjoy a second, early fall flowering; up to 12-inch-diameter mound; cultivar flower forms preferred to native, wild species.

Culture and Pruning: Can grow in partial sunlight; light or …

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Preventing Fires in Poultry Litter Storage Structures

…is allowed to dry completely before it is applied to the stack. If the stack has adequate pore spaces, any methane that forms will escape harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Stacks exposed to wind-driven rain can accumulate moisture and beco…

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Avian Influenza FAQ

…riate biosecurity measures are the first line of defense against avian influenza. Strong biosecurity measures take many forms.

Isolating poultry from other animals
Restricting/minimizing access to people and unsanitized equipment

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Planting and Establishing Woody Landscape Plants

… help you determine the right amount of fertilizer based on your soil test results. See Click on Forms and Calculator Options.

Step 2. Choose the Right Plant

Closely rel…

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St. Augustinegrass Lawns

… to be thatch-prone, has shallow rooting, and is sensitive to cold temperature exposure. It is resistant to SADV and performs well in either shade or full sun.

Establishing St. Augustinegrass
Currently, all St. Augustineg…

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Growing Roses

… flower and the most popular garden flower is the rose. More than 6,000 varieties of roses offer a wide range of flower forms, colors, and fragrances from spring until late fall. Roses can be used in the landscape as single specimen plants …

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Aerial Mode of Application (AIR)

…tegories require a Mode of Application Test (Aerial or Ground Equipment).

Click on the text to link to materials and forms. When necessary the link will bring you to the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries or to the Alabama …

Submitting Samples to Alabama Diagnostics Laboratories

…t big enough, get another one. For live birds, it is better to have too much room than too little room.

Submission forms are available at each of the diagnostic labs or on the website at…

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Sheep Selection

…am (BSE) is highly recommended for determining the initial fertility (or infertility) of a young ram. A veterinarian performs the BSE, which includes a physical examination of the animal and its external genitalia. The scrotal circumference…

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Tree Planting Contracts for Landowners: FAQs

…rance for the duration of the contract. Landowners have the right to ask to see and obtain copies of proof-of-insurance forms before allowing work to begin and at any time during the process. Below are some basic facts about different types…

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