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Home Soil Testing: Taking a Sample

Every square foot of soil can be different. Soil acidity and nutrients vary across the surface of the soil and with the depth of the soil.

Collecting Soil Samples

It is important that you take a composite sample …

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Street Trees 2: The Design

…on of Nurserymen, 1250 I St., N.W., Suite 500, Washington DC 20005.

Trees are grown, harvested,and marketed in three forms: balled and burlapped (B&B), in containers, or bare root. There are new variations to these methods, such as b…

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Street Trees 3: Planting the Trees

…r the urban setting with restricted, exposed root zone areas. Do not use this method for fertilization. If slow-release forms of nitrogen are used, up to 6 pounds of nitrogen could be applied per 1,000 square feet. To prevent damage to turf…

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Container Gardening

Gardening in containers is one of the most versatile and creative forms of garden design. Planting a container garden is much like creating a floral arrangement. However, live plants are enjoyed for a whole season. Almost any plant grows in…

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Should I File for Bankruptcy?

…sics. Administrative Office of The United States Courts. November 2011 Revised Third Edition.
Chapter 7
Chapter 7 provides for the liquidation of the debtor’s non-exempt asse…

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Are You in a General Partnership and Don’t Know It?

…inition, a general partnership is the association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners a business for profit forms a partnership, whether or not the persons intend to form a partnership.

A person who receives a share of the pr…

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Silvopasture from a Farmer’s Perspective

Farmers may perceive rows upon rows of trees as lacking in biological diversity. Silvopasture, however, forms a necessary middle ground that can appeal to farmers while providing both cover and open space that bridges the …

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Basics of Crop Sensing

…n the type of platform they are mounted on, their light source, and their spatial and spectral resolution. Mounting platforms can be commercial or government satellites, airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles, balloons, kites, agricultural mac…

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Nutrient Recommendations for Alabama Crops

Scientists with the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (AAES) have developed nutrient recommendations for crops grown in the state. These recommendations are in table form and contain recommendations by crop based on soil test rating …

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Baldwin County Master Environmental Educator Lessons

…ts will see a “rainstorm” in the classroom. After seeing the demonstration, they will be able to identify the three forms of water
(solid, liquid, and gas) and the relationship between surface water and groundwater.

Backyard Wildlif…

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The ABCs of Climate Variability

…ristics of El Niño and La Niña Phases of ENSO

El Niño

Steams from warm, humid air that forms clouds, resulting in tropical rainfall over the equatorial Pacific and that covers the entire eastern half of the …

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Mode of Action Video Part 2 – English Handout

…s, chlorothanlonil, captan, carbamates, and polypetid.

33. Bactericides and antibiotics are widely found in all life forms and are needed to control harmful bacteria.

34. DNA and RNA are keys to the replication of all living forms, in…

Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Considerations Following a Flood Event

….), nitrates and minerals upon request

Phone: 334-844-3858


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Aflatoxin Testing
Dairy One Laboratory – Ithaca, NY


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Route of Entry Video – Glossary

…eventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any insects, rodents, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, or weeds, or any other forms of life declared to be pests; and any other substance of mixture of substances intended for use as a plant regulat…

The Culture of Camellias: The State Flower of Alabama

…sy to grow evergreen flowering shrub with many uses, incredible ruggedness, and great beauty. A wider variety of flower forms, new hybrids, seedlings, and hardy species, as well as improved cultural techniques and devices, have pushed the o…

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