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Whole Cottonseed Use in Beef Cattle Diets

… present throughout the cotton plant, with the highest concentration located in the seed. Gossypol is found in two main forms, bound and free. Bound gossypol binds to protein and is less toxic or available than the free form.

The two mai…

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Health Challenges Continuing Issue for Rural America

…k, who guides SNAP-Ed’s social marketing campaign, Live Well Alabama, said that using a variety of communications platforms is an important part of reaching rural audiences as well as people living in more urban areas.

“Billboards ma…

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Agricultural Best Management Practices for Water Quality

…ng the amount, form, methods, and timing of nutrient application (either animal waste, commercial fertilizers, or other forms of nutrients).

Nutrient management is cost-effective because it limits the amounts of nutrients lost. Furthermo…

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The Virginia Opossum: Our Only Native Marsupial

…is best to leave it alone and allow nature to take its course. If you have questions concerning acceptable or suggested forms of removal, please contact your local Cooperative Extension agent for assistance.
The remarkable Virg…

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Watering Tips

…ortantly, drift. Grasses also are less susceptible to fungal problems if water is applied at the time that dew normally forms.
Avoid watering between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Temperature and wind speeds are at their highest during this time, s…

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Establishing a Disaster Communication Plan

…ter or emergency action plan between family members that includes evacuation plans, emergency contacts, and alternative forms of communication.

There are many great online resources to aid you in creating your family communication plan t…

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Residential Landscape Design

…ese terms are used to guide an artistic expression, and in landscape design, they are just as important as in other art forms.

Unity describes the idea of tying the landscape together in an orderly design. Different parts of the la…

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Employment Opportunities

Auburn University Benefits
Alabama A&M Benefits
Alabama Extension Policy Manual

REA and CEC Application Forms

Applicant Data Form
Related Professional Experience Form
Confidential Information Form
Voluntary Sel…

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Summer Heat and Rabbit Production

…rise, rabbit production is a nontraditional form of agricultural production in that it faces more risk than traditional forms. Then again, farming, by nature, is a risky business when compared with industrial enterprises.


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Prescribed Fire: Weather

…ir at ground level produces a stable atmosphere keeping ground moisture from rising and producing a lingering fog. This forms an inversion layer – where temperature increases with height keeping clouds or fog from rising. The distance fro…

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Alabama Cooperative Extension System Logo Guidelines

…etic signs
– Note cards


Logos used on reports, folders, advertisements, videos, and digital platforms instantly connect readers to the Extension brand. Display as often as possible.
Logos used on exterior signs sh…

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Civil Rights

… climate of dignity and respect for all who approach Extension either in person or through vastly expanding digital platforms.

The entire Alabama Cooperative Extension System Civil Rights Program Plan is available to both Alabama Extensi…

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Digital Strategy

…tal presence, assuring that digital educational programs are credible, accessible, and coordinated across all media platforms.

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Video Captioning Policies and Guidelines

…captioning fees for all videos longer than three (3) minutes that are hosted on YouTube. For videos hosted on other platforms (for example, on Panopto), the program unit creating the video is responsible for paying all captioning fees regar…

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