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Catfish Farming: Is It for You?

Under the right circumstances, catfish farming can be very profitable. Like other forms of farming, however, catfish production involves substantial capital investment and many risks.

Growing catfish successfully also requires daily atte…

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Restricted Use Dealer Permit Information

…rmits visit the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Restricted Use Dealer Permit Page. 

Materials and Forms Required
Click here to get the ADAI Application for a Restricted Use Dealer’s License. 
Click here to get the A…

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Enrolling in 4HOnline

…and 18 who are involved in a 4-H program.

For adults and youth, the next pages are authorization releases and health forms for risk management. These are important to have completed in case you get injured at a club meeting or 4-H event….

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Insect Pest Scouting for Crucifer Crops: Cabbage Aphid

Many species of aphids can be present at one time; softbodied insects with winged and wingless forms; winged forms are migratory and may be darker in body color with transparent wings.
Plant Injury
Large number of…

Common Diseases of Snap and Lima Beans

…ver a broad range of temperatures (60° to 90°F). Generally, Pythium root rot is most severe in wet soils. The fungus forms protective, thick-walled oospores that survive adverse environmental conditions in the soil or in crop debris (fig…

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Tomato Insect Pests and Scouting Methods

…s (ANR-0450 and ANR-0114) Also, examine and download our plant (ANR-0089), soil nematode (ANR-00F7), and/or insect forms as appropriate. Fill out the form for your sample with as much information as possible. When inadequate samples a…

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Mineral Requirements for Beef Cattle in Alabama

…sing forage maturity
Must be provided daily; cattle crave salt and consume it in excess when provided free-choice
Forms the base ingredient for free-choice minerals

Sulfur (S)

An essential element in amino acid…

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Considerations for Mineral Supplementation in Cow-Calf Operations

…g a free-choice mineral, choose those supplying zinc, copper, and manganese in the form of sulfate and not oxide. These forms are more available to the animal and used more effectively. Chelated or organic minerals may have increased availa…

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Soil Health in Alabama

…c matter is comprised of carbon-containing compounds from dead and living plant and animal materials. Organic matter performs many functions that support soil heath, such as increasing the amount of plant-available nutrients and water a soi…

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Leptospirosis in Cattle

…sistance, animals infected with the organism may show mild to severe signs of disease. Disease usually takes one of two forms: chronic (long lasting) or acute (short lasting), often depending on whether animals are infected with host-adapte…

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Bovine Anaplasmosis

…or the age and breed susceptibility differences are not known.

Clinical Signs
Peracute, acute, chronic and mild forms of anaplasmosis occur. Acute anaplasmosis is most common and usually occurs in summer and fall during peak vector …

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Adding Agricultural Lime to Fishponds

… Materials
The term lime is applied to a variety of substances containing one or more active ingredients
in different forms. These can vary greatly in their influence on pond chemistry (Table 1). Active
ingredients include burnt lime or …

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Interpreting Soil Test Reports from Commercial Labs

…ent of soil comprised of carbon-containing compounds from dead and living plant and animal materials. Organic matter performs many functions that support soil heath, such as increasing CEC and soil water-holding capacity. It also improves s…

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About Soils

…in soil formed from decomposing plant tissues, microorganisms, animals, and animal waste materials.  Organic matter performs many functions which support soil health, by increasing the amount of plant-available water and nutrients which a …

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Adapting Wheat Production to Climate in Alabama

…heat Production in Alabama

The ocean-atmospheric phenomenon associated with unusually warm water that occasionally forms across the tropical eastern and central Pacific is referred to as the El Niño
The La Niña phase is characteri…

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