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Avoiding Poisonous Plants

…lants people see are poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Dr. Nancy Loewenstein, an Alabama Extension specialist of forestry and wildlife sciences, said there are a few more species besides these that can cause rashes.

“While most …

3 min read

Street Trees 4: Proper Pruning

…ting, and Maintenance in the Urban Landscape series.

Proper pruning will be an integral part of any successful urban forestry program. Without some form of help, trees seldom develop growth patterns that complement urban forest uses. Wid…

3 min read

Street Trees 2: The Design

… selection is crucial. Check with a local certified retail nursery dealer, your county Extension office, or state Urban Forestry office to get a list of trees that would be suitable for your area and planting conditions.

A common mistake…

8 min read

Managing Fusiform Rust on Loblolly and Slash Pine in Forest and Landscape Settings

…n the tree disease. The development of the pulp and paper industry in the 1950s, however, spurred the use of plantation forestry throughout the South. With the extensive planting of susceptible pine and an aggressive fire suppression policy…

5 min read

Kudzu Control in Residential Areas

… large root crowns.
What herbicides can I use to treat kudzu?
While several products are labeled for kudzu control in forestry and rights-of-way, a limited number of herbicides can be used for kudzu control in residential settings

5 min read

Planting and Establishing Woody Landscape Plants

…ster establishment.

Large-growing woody plants, especially trees, are an investment. According to the American Forestry Association, trees have significant monetary benefits. Each year, a single tree provides $73 worth of air condi…

9 min read