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Alabama Natural Resources Council

…f active Natural Resources Committees at the local level with representation from state and federal agencies, industry, forestry consultants, TREASURE Forest owners and similar organizations such as Tree Farm. The accomplishments of local c…

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Tree Planting Contracts for Landowners: FAQs

…ill do. It also specifies the work he or she is qualified to do. For example, it may state that the contractor provides forestry-related services such as planting. This section also affirms that the contractor will complete the work outline…

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Management of Hardwood Forests for Timber in Alabama

…sion System (publication ANR-0539, “Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesters”) or through your local Alabama Forestry Commission office.

Low-Cost Regeneration of Existing Forests 
Tree harvests provide income and affor…

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Best Management Practices for Timber Harvesters

…hat are effective in reducing sedimentation from forest lands. 

The BMP program is currently voluntary. The Alabama Forestry Commission has been chosen as the lead agency for monitoring silvicultural activities (the development and care…

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Senior Achievement

…/Family and Consumer Science
Natural Resources (environmental science, S.A.F.E., wildlife, forestry, plants and soils)
At Large Achievement

Applications will be judged by a screening committee of Extension…

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Mountain Lions In Alabama?

…swer this burning question.
Mountain Lions in Alabama?
Spenser Bradley, an Alabama Extension regional agent covering forestry, wildlife and natural resources management, said confirmed sightings in Alabama are rare.

“There are suppose…

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Black Bears in Alabama

… were about 50 bears in that area.”
According to Armstrong, who is also a professor in the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, the Mobile population of black bears was imperiled because of the city’s development and…

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Control Options for Chinese Privet

…can be used across a range of land management scenarios. This is not, however, exhaustive as certain herbicides used in forestry and rights-of-way are not covered.


Download a PDF of Control Options for Chinese Privet, ANR …

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Common Birds of Prey in Alabama

…rn Owl
Barred Owl
Great Horned Owl
Eastern Screech-Owl

More Information
For more information visit Alabama Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Extension online or contact your county Extension office.

Download a PDF o…

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Alabama Stumpage Price Trends (2007–2016)

…er products industry is likely to remain strong in the state for years to come, as money invested in new and expanding forestry products companies has been consistent. Investments in the state’s forest industry increased by nearly 29 per…

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Prescribed Fire: Promoting Better Forest and Wildlife Management

…ents covered will be site conditions, weather, and timing.

In 1942, R. M. Canarro, writing in the Journal of Forestry, defined prescribed burning as “burning to a prescription which prescribes the area to be burned, the degree …

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Calculating the Size of a Forest Inventory Plot

…ting a Square Plot
If you want to sample the forest understory and establish 1/10,000-acre square plots in an upcoming forestry inventory, how do you compute plot dimensions?

Multiply plot size (in acres) times 43,560 square feet per ac…

2 min read

Successful Food Plots Begin with Soil Testing

… and the benefits of soil testing.
Soil Testing is Important
Norm Haley, an Alabama Extension regional agent covering forestry, wildlife and natural resource management, said that soil testing is the first step in having a successful food…

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Loewenstein Wins National Award for Leadership in Environmental Education

…ons who make significant contributions in their state to PLT and youth environmental education. In Alabama, the Alabama Forestry Association coordinates PLT.
Loewenstein’s Work
Alabama Cooperative Extension System director Dr. Gary Lemme…

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December is Primetime for Chinese Privet Control

…equiring higher concentration of herbicide, and pose a greater risk to actively growing hardwoods.

Alabama Extension forestry specialist Dr. Nancy Loewenstein said treating privet in December is beneficial because temperatures are cooler…

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