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Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar: November

…ems on stockpiled tall fescue and bermudagrass.
Begin monitoring for cool-season annual weed pressure as cool-season forages begin to grow.
Conduct a forage analysis on stored hay, baleage, and silage before feeding to develop an accu…

Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar: September

… pastures for winter grazing.
Watch dallisgrass pastures for ergot contamination.
Plant and fertilize cool-season forages in prepared seedbeds.

Winter Calving Herd

Wean calves based on market and pasture conditions, and de…

Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar: January

… Limit grazing on winter annuals. Two hours of grazing per day and free-choice may stretch early season growth of these forages.
As adequate forage becomes available, manage cool-season pastures to maintain at least 4-inch stubble height…

Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar

…lendar overviews a monthly check list of things producer should do during each month. It includes health tips, notes on forages and nutrition, and also calving information.
Extension Resources
Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association

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…opasture system is similar to accepted practices for open-pasture establishment but differs in that the most productive forages in agroforestry systems must be somewhat shade tolerant. Bahia grass does best in southern and coastal portions …

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Drought Management Strategies for Sheep and Goats

…nds than young stock and lactating females. Dry and early to mid-gestational females can be maintained on lower quality forages with little or no supplemental feeding.

Provide minerals free choice to all animal groups. The first option f…

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Sheep Production in the Southeast

…adequate level of nutrition is essential for the most economical and sustainable sheep enterprise. Abundance of quality forages throughout the year and an ample supply of quality hay during the winter are needed for the highest returns from…

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Feeding Broiler Litter to Beef Cattle

… source of information on using litter as a feed ingredient.

Due to the unique ability of ruminant animals to digest forages, other fibrous materials, and inorganic nitrogen such as urea, there is a growing awareness worldwide that by-pr…

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Management Practices to Reduce Grass Tetany

…an elevated level of magnesium. Consider moving to a high magnesium mineral 1 to 2 months before active grazing on lush forages begins so that adequate intake levels can be established. The following provides an example mineral supplement f…

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Nitrate Poisoning of Cattle in Alabama

…atories report the actual amount of nitrate ion present (NO3). Table 1 illustrates a range of values often reported for forages within the southeastern region along with subsequent feeding recommendations.
Other Factors Influencing Toxicit…

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