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Salvaging/Loss of Feedstuffs

*This is an excerpt of Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Following a Flood Event, ANR-2536.

Feed that farmers had on hand (including commercial feed and harvested commodities) may be covered by the ELAP program. Farmers…

Nutritional Management of Beef Replacement Heifers

…nutrients) is needed to achieve adequate forage dry matter intake to support gain and minimize the amount of additional feedstuffs required for purchase. High-quality baleage or silage may also be used as the forage base in a drylot program…

5 min read

Nutrition for Backyard Chicken Flocks

…of poultry. These differences require that each diet be formulated with specific quantities of required nutrients. Some feedstuffs are high in one nutrient but low in another, which is why chicken feed is comprised of a variety of feedstuff…

13 min read

Alabama Commodity Feed Contact List

Address: 2201 E 13th Avenue, Cordele, GA 31015
Phone: 334-405-1157
Types of feedstuffs handled: Bulk feed, range cubes, feed ingredients, protein supplements, minerals
Delivery: Deliver less th…

3 min read

Profit Profiles of Commodities

…on cost/prices paid by farmers listed as well as estimated cost of production and statewide basis information. Selected feedstuffs are listed first and are broken down by North Central and South Alabama. Statewide prices follow. The statewi…

2 min read

Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Considerations Following a Flood Event

…ll as information for producers to combat these affects.

Damage to Hay
Feeding Damaged Hay
Salvaging/Loss of Feedstuffs
Physical Damage to Fences and Grazing Lands
Livestock Death from a Storm Event

2 min read

Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Managing for Good Herd Health

…Cows, especially lactating cows, should have access to quality roughage as part of a balanced ration. Check farm-raised feedstuffs for nitrates, mycotoxins, and other soil or climate-induced contaminants. Keep feeders or feeding troughs dry…

5 min read

Controlling Quality of Farm-Mixed Swine Feed

… formula is changed as the available ingredients and nutrient analyses change.

Processing and Mixing Methods
Common feedstuffs must undergo processing to ensure the best use in swine diets. Processing may alter the physical or chemical …

14 min read

Sheep Production in the Southeast

… to the changing nutritional needs of the flock. Factors to consider include the production stage, quality of available feedstuffs, and animal age, size, and condition.

In developing a feeding program, it is important to have a dependabl…

18 min read

By-Product Feeds for Alabama Beef Cattle

Feed costs represent the largest single cost item in most beef operations. In many economic analyses, feed costs represent more than 50 percent of the variation in profit or loss differences between herds. Many beef producers utiliz…

18 min read