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Backyard Bird Feeding

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Bird feeding is a hobby that over 62 million Americans enjoy. Alabama boasts a diverse gathering of bird species, making bird feeding an especially popular activity in the state.
Just as the seasons chang…

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By-Product Feeds Quick Reference Guide

Nutrient Composition of By-Product Feeds
The nutrient composition of by-products varies widely. The following table is a general guideline for understanding Feed composition, but a Feed analysis should be requested to more accurately…

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Alabama Certified Alabama Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Providers

A to Z Home Daycare
Auburn, Alabama

Array of Light Home Care
Coosada, Alabama

Big Blue Marble Academy
Auburn, Alabama

Children’s Lighthouse 
Hoover, Alabama

Funland Childcare
Rockford, Alabama

Ganny’s Babies

Livestock Risk Protection for Feeder Cattle

…vestock Risk Protection (LRP) is an insurance product offered by USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) and is available for feeder cattle, fed cattle and swine in Alabama. Beginning July 1, 2019, LRP subsidy rates will increase, making this pro…

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Feeding Game Birds: Pheasant, Quail, and Partridge

… sporting purposes can be fed 5 to 10 percent cracked grain after 12 weeks of age. At 16 weeks, when half of the daily feed allotment can be grain, the bird can switch to whole grain. Such a feeding program should result in a stronger, har…

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Foliar Feeding Vegetables

…ere are many questions people have about growing methods. One particular topic that gardeners often ask about is foliar feeding. There are a lot of products on the market, enticing growers to spray them on their plants with promises of bigg…

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Alabama Commodity Feed Contact List

The Alabama Commodity Feed Contact list provides contact information for brokers, dealers, Feed distributors, and processing facilities around the Southeast.

Brokers, Dealers, and Distributors
ADM Animal Nutrition

Address: 22…

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Alabama Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Certification

…nit is partnering with the Alabama Department of Public Health, Alabama Partnership for Children, and the Alabama Breastfeeding Committee to provide Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Certification.

Who Can Participate
All child care p…

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Feeding Damaged Hay

*This is an excerpt of Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Following a Flood Event, ANR-2536.

Even if hay was not submerged in water, heavy rains will likely decrease the quality of hay stored outside or on the grou…

Salvaging/Loss of Feedstuffs

*This is an excerpt of Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Following a Flood Event, ANR-2536.

Feed that farmers had on hand (including commercial Feed and harvested commodities) may be covered by the ELAP program. Farmers…

Animal, Forage, and Feed Management Considerations Following a Flood Event

…eas that can be affect by flooding, as well as information for producers to combat these affects.

Damage to Hay
Feeding Damaged Hay
Salvaging/Loss of Feedstuffs
Physical Damage to Fences and Grazing Lands

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Extension Launches Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Certification

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Alabama ranks in the bottom three in the United States for breastfeeding initiation and continuation. Breastfeeding allows many health benefits for both a child and mother. To encourage more breastfeeding families,…

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Forage and Feed Analysis

The Auburn University Soil, Forage and Water Testing Laboratory conducts analysis for producers’ forage and feed samples.  Samples are routinely analyzed for percent moisture, crude protein, acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber, n…

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Producing & Feeding Baleage in Alabama

…ease the pH of the forage, preventing the growth of molds and toxic bacteria and preserve the product for later use and feed out.
Forage Selection
Forages that are high in water-soluble carbohydrates, such as annual ryegrass, small grains…

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