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FAQ’s about the Pesticide Applicator University

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University along with the Alabama Green Industry Training Center, and the Alabama Pesticide Safety Education Program host a biennial training conference called the Pesticide Applicators Uni…

4 min read

Cogongrass Management FAQ

…ontrol Program was active from 2010 to 2012, but is no longer available.

Download a PDF of Cogongrass Management FAQ, ANR-2230…

6 min read

Avian Influenza FAQ (March 2017 Update)

…ase poultry import restrictions by other countries, specifically Russia and China.

Download a PDF of Avian Influenza FAQ, March 2017 Update, ANR-2304….

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Tree Planting Contracts for Landowners: FAQs

…when, greatly improving chances for planting success.

Download a PDF of Tree Planting Contracts for Landowners: FAQs, ANR-1458….

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Alabama Private Applicator Online Training Program

… months of the date you complete your online class(course) or you will be required to take the test again.
Visit our FAQs about the Private Applicator Online Training Program.

Are you ready to start/Continue your online program:

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