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Estate Planning Workshops Planned Throughout the State

…iscuss, but it is important to plan for what will happen to your estate when you pass. Alabama Extension is offering an estate planning workshop to assist those in planning for the future.
More Than Just a Will
Dr. Robert Tufts, an Auburn…

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Estate Planning: Managing your Affairs

Estate Plan
Do you know the answers to the following questions?

Who will make health care decisions if you are unable to make them yourself?
Who will manage your financial affairs if you become feeble or are in a nursing home?

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Estate Planning

Donors can provide support for Alabama 4-H at the time of their death through a number of estate planning vehicles that include retirement plan assets, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, and partnership interests. Some planned giv…

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Retirement Planning

Financial planning, the basis of retirement planning, can provide more satisfaction and security in your retirement years. Many people avoid thinking seriously about retirement until it is only a few years away. Yet starting to make…

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Successful Aging Initiative

What is the Successful Aging Initiative?

The Successful Aging Initiative (SAI) program promotes health and estate planning for Alabama’s older adults, families, and caregivers.
The program uses Seniors CAN, a curriculum that edu…

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Daily Money Management Guide for Caregivers

…rust as early as possible, as the care recipient must have the mental capacity to understand the document.
Look into estate planning.
estate planning allows the care recipient to determine how assets and property should be distributed…

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A trust is a contract between two entities, the grantor (or truster or settlor) and the trustee for the benefit of a third entity, the beneficiaries. The grantor determines the terms of the trust and agrees to fund the trust (contribute pro…

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