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Mourning Dove Biology & Management in Alabama

The mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) is arguably the most popular game bird in North America with hunters harvesting more than 16 million doves annually from a continental population estimated at more than 308 million birds.

Alabama dove

8 min read

Plantings for Wildlife

…es because it is far away from an edge.

Management and Planting Suggestions for Selected Game Species
Mourning Dove
In most areas, mourning Doves are managed by planting fields for Dove shooting. Fields should be approximately 5…

8 min read

Weed Control and Wildlife Enhancement in Recreational Fish Ponds

…shorelines (15- to 20-feet wide) provide an unobstructed view of the pond and are excellent watering sites for mourning doves and other bird species. However, using this area to plant native trees and shrubs with persistent seeds and fruits…

10 min read