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…ance with the instructions of local officials.
One factor to consider when deciding whether to evacuate is the type of disaster or emergency. Some emergencies allow you time to prepare (such as hurricanes or winter storms); others can come…

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Stress Management

… to revise your contingency plan as needed.

Help Children Cope With Emergencies
The way children cope with disasters or emergencies often is directly tied to the way their parents cope. Children can detect adults’ fears and s…

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Stock the Basics for Emergencies

…n of chafing fuel and matches. Select food items that are compact and lightweight. Include a selection of foods in your disaster supplies kit such as ready-to-eat canned meats, canned fruits, dried fruits, canned milk, nuts, canned vegetabl…

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Bioengineered Crops: Methods Used to Change Plants

Agriculture experts currently use five methods to change or modify plants. Some of these changes are considered bioengineering. Bioengineered crops (BE crops) are crafted by scientists to be resistant to pests, disease, and herbicides or…

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Crop Insurance Not a Guaranteed Payout for Farmers

…ations of 2018 are now an untapped opportunity for producers to increase averages on a record year because of a natural disaster.
Misconceptions and Moving Forward
Producers are focused on making damage assessments and reports as they pet…

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Blackleg and Other Clostridial Diseases in Cattle

…abel directions is necessary to provide the best protection. Delaying vaccination until a calf is older can be inviting disaster, and even if a newborn calf was vaccinated for blackleg, it will need to be revaccinated at 3 to 4 months of ag…

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Bovine Anaplasmosis

…ases of anaplasmosis in recent years, perhaps as a result of increased cattle movement due to drought and other natural disasters.
Transmission and Incubation
Anaplasma marginale is transmitted from carrier to susceptible cattle by biting…

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Slug Management in Vegetables

…l slugs may hide inside the maturing crop. Many crops have zero tolerance for slug contamination which may lead to crop disaster. In recent years, we have experienced slug activity in cabbage fields along with the yellowmargined leaf beetle…

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GMO Food Facts: Bioengineered Crops

…lant breeding are modern agriculture’s tools to address the increasing pressures of disease, pests, and environmental disasters on crop production and food security.

Agriculture & Crop Domestication

Agriculture began more than…

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