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Flood-Damaged Agricultural Buildings

…The referrals may be obtained by calling the FEMA Helpline (800-621-3362) or by visiting FEMA’s website ( Select the state in which your disaster occurred.

Farm Loans
Farm loans are available to people who have…

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Clearing Debris from Land

…s generally not eligible because it is the responsibility of the individual property owner. If property owners move the disaster-related debris to a public right-of-way, the local government may be reimbursed for curbside pickup and disposa…

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Drying Out After a Flood


Preventing Illness
Diarrhea, upset stomach, colds, and other respiratory illnesses sometimes occur after a disaster, particularly among large groups of people in a shelter. Basic hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing o…

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Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out

After a disaster, there remains the overwhelming job of cleaning up. One of the biggest areas of concern is the safety of food and water.

Water After a Storm
After a major storm, assume that all water sources are contaminated until prov…

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Caring for Pets

Don’t allow your pets to roam loose after a disaster. Familiar landmarks and smells might be gone. Pets can easily get lost.

While you assess the damage, keep dogs on leashes and cats in carriers inside the house. If your house is dama…

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Emergency Handbook iBook

…n University, the University of Florida and Mississippi State University, it also draws on resources like the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
The Emergency Handbook c…

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Water Access Issues in Alabama

…egislative approval for the waiver of emergency permit fees for rebuilding waterfront properties after declared natural disasters. This action would decrease immediate economic pressure on water-dependent businesses in the aftermath of natu…

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Maintaining Herd Health When Introducing a New Bull

… the number of cases of anaplasmosis, perhaps as a result of increased cattle movement due to drought and other natural disasters. Anaplasma marginale is transmitted from a carrier to susceptible cattle by biting flies and ticks or via cont…

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Preparing to Evacuate a Farm

…prone areas, or areas in which flooding has been anticipated, should have an emergency plan for evacuation. A farmstead disaster plan must consider the safety of family members and farm workers, livestock, and emergency response personnel t…

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Chemical Emergencies

You may be exposed to a chemical in three ways:

Breathing the chemical
Swallowing contaminated food, water, or medication
Touching the chemical, or coming into contact with clothing or things that have touched the chemical

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Oysters in Alabama

…for oyster larvae to settle on and grow. Large amounts of clamshells or other materials are often planted after natural disasters, and oyster shells are regularly planted to replace shells removed in the harvesting process. Significant oppo…

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Severe Weather Watches and Warnings


Know Your Local Evacuation Routes
One factor to consider when deciding whether or not to evacuate is the type of disaster or emergency. Some emergencies allow you time to prepare (such as hurricanes or winter storms); others can come…

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When disasters strike, individuals and businesses all too often lose important computer files. You can replace equipment, but data may be lost forever.

Before Storm
It is important to back up your data and store it someplace besides y…

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Excessive Heat

…me—home, work, and school—and prepare for the possibility of power outages.
Check the contents of your emergency disaster kit in case a power outage occurs.
Know those in your neighborhood who are older, young, sick, or overweight…

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Emergency Preparation for Dogs

… number of your veterinarian or out-of-state relative or friend. There is a good chance the phones may not work after a disaster. More permanent forms of identification include tattoos and microchips. If your dog normally wears a collar, ke…

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