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Establishing a Disaster Communication Plan

… avoid answering questions that start with “what if.” This is why too few individuals have life insurance, wills or disaster plans. Having a disaster plan in place, will bring piece of mind and give people the best chance of staying saf…

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Disaster Planning for Persons with Special Needs

The Southeast is no stranger to drought, hurricanes, wildfires, and other disasters that leave a path of death and destruction. That’s why it’s important to prepare, particularly for persons that have special needs. Anyone with special …

6 min read

Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education

… and green space development (urban, faith, and community gardens)
Urban forestry and ecological processes
Safety disaster preparedness
Reuse, reduce, and recycle efforts

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… adapts programs regionally across the state that focuses on wildlife recovery and sustainability, GPS and geocaching, disaster preparedness, and urban forestry and ecological processes.  Click for more info

 STEM in the Gard…

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Bioengineered Crops: Methods Used to Change Plants

Agriculture experts currently use five methods to change or modify plants. Some of these changes are considered bioengineering. Bioengineered crops (BE crops) are crafted by scientists to be resistant to pests, disease, and herbicides or…

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GMO Food Facts: Bioengineered Crops

…lant breeding are modern agriculture’s tools to address the increasing pressures of disease, pests, and environmental disasters on crop production and food security.

Agriculture & Crop Domestication

Agriculture began more than…

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