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Safety After a Disaster

When natural disasters strike, you must take care of yourself and your family first. There are serious problems to deal with before recovery begins. Illness or injury may result from contaminated water, debris-filled roadways, electrical an…

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Disaster Assistance for Homeowners and Renters

Following a federally qualified disaster, counties may be designated eligible for disaster assistance to households and businesses. The following information will help you understand what assistance is available, what information you need t…

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Disaster Planning for Persons with Special Needs

The Southeast is no stranger to drought, hurricanes, wildfires, and other disasters that leave a path of death and destruction. That’s why it’s important to prepare, particularly for persons that have special needs. Anyone with special …

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Drought Sales of Livestock

…as eligible for assistance by the federal government.

The livestock do not have to be raised or sold in the declared disaster area. They do have to be sold because of the weather-related condition that caused an area to be declared eligi…

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Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education

… and green space development (urban, faith, and community gardens)
Urban forestry and ecological processes
Safety disaster preparedness
Reuse, reduce, and recycle efforts

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… adapts programs regionally across the state that focuses on wildlife recovery and sustainability, GPS and geocaching, disaster preparedness, and urban forestry and ecological processes.  Click for more info

 STEM in the Gard…

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Assessing and Managing Storm-Damaged Timber

…financial returns.
Federal Income Tax Casualty Loss Deductions

Forest landowners who lost timber during a natural disaster may be able to reclaim a portion of that investment through a casualty loss deduction when filing their federal…

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Flood-Damaged Agricultural Buildings

…The referrals may be obtained by calling the FEMA Helpline (800-621-3362) or by visiting FEMA’s website ( Select the state in which your disaster occurred.

Farm Loans
Farm loans are available to people …

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Clearing Debris from Land

…s generally not eligible because it is the responsibility of the individual property owner. If property owners move the disaster-related debris to a public right-of-way, the local government may be reimbursed for curbside pickup and disposa…

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Drying Out After a Flood


Preventing Illness
Diarrhea, upset stomach, colds, and other respiratory illnesses sometimes occur after a disaster, particularly among large groups of people in a shelter. Basic hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing o…

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