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Auxin Herbicide Contact Information

For more information regarding Auxin Herbicides, available training and if you have questions or concerns, call an Alabama Extension specialist or the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.
Steve Li

Extension Specialist…

1 min read

Copyright Information and Resources

What Is Copyright?
Anything written, spoken, created as art, performed—that is, anything expressed in tangible form, including material on the World Wide Web—has a natural copyright. It is the intellectual property of the creator or hi…

2 min read

Master Gardener Helpline Provides Valuable Garden Information

Does your garden have you stumped? Did a freeze burn your bulbs? Is there a deformed leaf on your azaleas? The Alabama Master Gardeners (MGs) are standing by, ready to answer questions on the Master Gardener Helpline.
Call 1-877-ALA-GROW

1 min read

Alabama Commodity Feed Contact List

The Alabama Commodity Feed Contact list provides contact information for brokers, dealers, feed distributors, and processing facilities around the Southeast.

Brokers, Dealers, and Distributors
ADM Animal Nutrition

Address: 22…

3 min read

Recertification Testing Information and What To Do When You Pass Your Test

PLEASE NOTE: This information is created, published and updated by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and is shared by PSEP as is, for your information. Please direct any questions to the Alabama  Department of Agricult…

2 min read

Landscape Horticulturists Landscape Design Permit Information (LD)

The Horticulture Professional Services Licenses are issued to businesses that engage in and solicit for Landscape Design (LD),  and have a certified operator who has taken, passed and submitted their Commercial Applicators License Applic…

1 min read

Fumigation Pest Control Commercial Applicator Permit Information (FC/FB)

This commercial category is for pesticide applicators using fumigants in one or more rooms in a structure or in the entire structure to control and eradicate pests.
Those passing examinations as Branch Supervisors can supervise Branch Offi…

2 min read