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Fertilizing Pecan Trees Important for Overall Health

…election, plant spacing, proper planting and grafting. For additional information on pecans or to attend a pecan class, contact your county Extension office….

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Horse Project

…4HYD-2145 Horse Show Registration Packet.
Click to download a printable PDF of 4HYD-2099 Horse Show Rules Packet.

Contact Brigid McCrea for more information.

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, Contact E…

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Strawberries: Alabama’s Sweet Business

… may request them through Extension.

For more information on strawberry production in Alabama, visit or contact your county Extension office.

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Soybean Varietal Sensitivity Seen Following Saflufenacil Applications

…absorbing water or cracking the soil surface.

In this case, the herbicide is also absorbed into the seed or comes in contact with the hypcotyl when it is emerging. Sandlin said poor closure of the seed furrow, especially on conventionall…

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Subterranean Termite Control Products for Alabamians

…ides and repellent synthetic pyrethriods.


Nonrepellent termiticides kill termites through direct contact while they travel through a treated soil barrier. The control effect is advanced by the chemical’s slow- actio…

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Anthracnose Prevalent this Spring

…d California,” Sikora said. “Resistance has not yet been reported in Alabama, but growers that suspect a problem should contact their regional extension agent to report a potential problem.”
More Information
For more information refer to …

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Does the Seafood HACCP Regulation Apply to You?

…rinciples under standardized curriculum recognized by the FDA.

For more information on taking a seafood HACCP class, contact Alice Moore at or (334) 295-5959.


Download a PDF of Does the Seafood HACCP Reg…

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IPM Guides Useful Tools For Farmers

… Guides
To view all the 2018-2019 IPM guides, visit Alabama Extension online at For further information, contact your county Extension office….

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Target Spot, Areolate Mildew Damaging to Cotton


Download the printable report in its entirety.

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, contact Extension Communications and Marketing at 334-844-5696 or….

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Profit Profiles of Commodities

…ted links contain more detailed information.

For more information or to be added to the Profit Profiles e-mail list, contact Max Runge at

Download the current Profit Profiles.


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Pet Vaccines Best Defense Against Rabies

…also an associate professor in the Auburn University Department of Animal Sciences said. “The safe thing to do is avoid contact with wild animals; even animals that appear to be more friendly than usual.”

Rabies is nearly 100 percent p…

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Alabama 4-H Grows

…table PDF of 4HYD-2317 Alabama 4-H Grows Sweet Potato Challenge Flyer.



For more information, contact your county Extension office. Click here to view the directory.

For questions about accessibility or to reque…

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New Training Required To Use Paraquat Products

…und at For further information, contact Dr. Thomas at or 334-844-8832.


Trade names used are only to give specific informat…

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Carpenter Bees: Destructive Spring Pests

For more information on control carpenter bees or other spring time pests, visit Alabama Extension online, or contact your local Extension office.


Featured Image: Johnny N. Dell,…

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