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A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

…y are truly investments in the future of your forests. For information on current costs of forest-management practices, contact your county Cooperative Extension System office or a registered forester or land manager. Cost trends for forest…

15 min read

Protecting Non-cold Acclimated Strawberry Plants

…res underneath the cover by as much as 8 degrees above ambient temperature depending on the thickness of the row cover. Contact a garden supply store or nursery for information on ordering row cover.

Row cover should be removed when low …

2 min read

Fall: Time for a Garden Refresh

…ut growth near the ground and cause those branches to stop growing. This creates a leggy appearance.

Kelley suggests contacting a professional if there are large trees dropping major limbs in the yard. Take care of the problem before it …

2 min read

Walking Like a CHAMPION

…y, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.
How to Register
Click on the Extension office to register online or contact the individual listed for more information. If your county is not listed, register with the Statewide/Madison Co…

1 min read

Backyard Bird Feeding

…od and red cedar.”
More Information
For more information on bird feeding this fall, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your county Extension office to see what programs are available near you. Backyard bird guides and binoculars ar…

2 min read

Oyster Restoration: How to Grow Your Oyster Garden

…e than 300 species that are supported by natural oyster reefs and will not harm your oysters.

If you have questions, contact us at (251) 438-5690 or

2 min read

The Virginia Opossum: Our Only Native Marsupial

… and allow nature to take its course. If you have questions concerning acceptable or suggested forms of removal, please contact your local Cooperative Extension agent for assistance.
The remarkable Virginia opossum is here to s…

8 min read

Managing White-tailed Deer: Camera Surveys

…uccessful and easy way to improve success of camera surveys. However, baiting must be done legally and properly. Always contact your local wildlife law enforcement agency before using bait. These agencies can provide information on legal ba…

14 min read

Prescribed Fires: Great Tool for Land Management

…nsion has many resources that provide more information on prescribed fires. For more information, visit or contact your county Extension office.


2 min read

Blackberry Planting, Spacing, and Trellising

…and several other trellising systems are used by growers.
More Information
For more information on blackberry plants, contact you county Extension office, or visit….

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Composting This Fall

… Information
For more information about composting and other home and garden topics, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your local Extension office to see what programs are available near you….

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Beef Project

…clubs may not be offered in their county. If you are interested in becoming a 4-H Beef Project volunteer leader, please contact the 4-H agent in your county.

If you are a senior 4-H member, your record book qualifies for entry into the S…

1 min read

Watch Out for Black Widow Spiders This Fall

…lk of spider egg sacs repels these mostly water based products.

These chemicals are able to kill spiders when direct contact is made. However, control by spraying is only temporary, because the spray residual does not have a long-lasting…

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Recent Rains Ease Wildfire Threat

… call the AFC at (800) 392-5679. For more information on the current wildfire situation in the state or the fire alert, contact the local AFC office or visit the Alabama Forestry Commission website.

Find more drought resources by visitin…

2 min read