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The Squash Bug Menace in Alabama

… squash bugs include only a few products with spinosad and pyrethrin as their active ingredients. The major issues with contact insecticides is the problem of getting the product where the insects are hiding. Nymphs are more susceptible to …

3 min read

Stink Bug Identification and Management in Vegetables

…c doses of those insecticides. Therefore, sucking insect pest management generally involves heavy use of broad-spectrum contact insecticides that can also kill beneficial insects. This is the reason organic producers should have alternative…

2 min read

Microloan Programs for Small or Beginning Farmers

…urants and grocery stores, or those using hydroponic, aquaponic, organic and vertical growing methods.

To learn more contact your local office or USDA Service Center to learn more about the programs. You should also be able to locate a…

Peanut IPM Slide Chart

…nsecticide choices and application rates, and much more for a quick-reference. To order the slide chart by mail, please contact Dr. Ayanava Majumdar by email at or by contacting an Agronomic Crops Regional Extension Agent …

Alternative Vegetable IPM Recommendations Slide Chart

…nd sustainable pest management strategies for more than 20 critical insect pest species. To order a slide chart, please contact Dr. Ayanava Majumdar, You can also get a copy from your Commercial Horticulture Regional Exten…

Alabama Chapter of the Professional Women in Pest Management

…t the Alabama PWIPM website.

Upcoming Meetings:
Click on this Link to see future dates in Alabama. 
Interested in networking with women in AL? Contact:

Faye Golden,

Marnie Gray…

1 min read

Auxin Herbicides Best Management Practices Training Course

…a to be in compliance. There will
be no reciprocity allowed from neighboring states.
If you have any questions please contact:
Rules and Regulations
Tony Cofer
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
Division Director Pestic…

3 min read

How to Complete a Job Application

…onal identification such as a state driver’s license or identification card, a social security card, and an emergency contact number.
Name and contact information of at least three possible references, including former supervisors, col…

5 min read

Job Application Tips

…oting Readiness for Employment Possibilities) is an excellent program to help you to enhance your job search skills.

Contact your local Extension office in the blue pages of your phone book or visit to learn more about PREP …

2 min read

Basics of Integrated Pest Management

… IPM program can also provide producers with a small amount of trap-crop seed (NK-300 sorghum and Peredovik sunflower). Contact the lead author, Dr. Ayanava Majumdar, at for seed availability.
Level 2: Mechanical and P…

3 min read

Re-Enrolling in 4HOnline

…roll additional family members or you can logout.

If you have any questions or need assistance with 4HOnline, please contact your county Extension office.

Check out all the great 4-H opportunities by logging in regularly. You can also…

2 min read

Enrolling in 4HOnline

…rmine the type of membership to add:

Adult: 4-H volunteers; only adult records should belong to 4-H volunteers.
Contact: Adults who are not screened volunteers and youth under the age of 5. This option is to be used only when regist…

2 min read

Alabama 4-H Forms and Waivers

…e to participate in Alabama 4-H. Depending on the program, the following forms may need to be completed. For questions, contact your county Extension office.

Click to download 4HYD-2258 Youth Enrollment Form, English
Click to downlo…

1 min read

Chick Chain

… PDF of 4HYD-2251 Chick Chain Profit/Loss Scenarios.

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, contact Extension Communications and Marketing at 334-844-5696 or


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