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Protecting Backyard Flocks

… and run.
Change food and water daily.
Remove birdhouses, feeders, and baths.
Clean and disinfect equipment in contact with birds or droppings.
Avoid feed stores, vet offices, and other places with small flocks, as much as possi…

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Biosecurity for Backyard Poultry Flocks

…ces to discourage animals and insects from coming near your poultry.
Prevent wild birds and waterfowl from coming in contact with your poultry. Do this by preventing accumulation of freestanding water near poultry pens or by limiting pou…

3 min read

Avian Influenza FAQ (March 2017 Update)

…d waterfowl can shed the virus in secretions from the mouth, nostrils, and eyes and also excrete it in their droppings. Contact with contaminated droppings is the most common means of bird-to-bird transmission, although airborne secretions …

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Planting and Establishing Woody Landscape Plants

…he roots. Gradually backfill with loosened native soil. Water the soil as you add the backfill to get good soil-to-root contact. Firm up, but do not pack, the soil around the root system. Bare-root transplants require close attention to wat…

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St. Augustinegrass Lawns

…negrass lawns. One or more of these pests will have to be periodically controlled in order to grow a high-quality lawn. Contact your county Extension agent for diagnoses and recommendations for treating pest problems.
The most ser…

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Growing Roses

…den on infested plants. Avoid the movement of soil from known nematode-infested areas in your yard to uninfested areas. Contact your county Extension office for information on nematode control.



18 min read

Controlling Quality of Farm-Mixed Swine Feed

…nd on the make and model of the machine. The adjustments needed are in the owner’s manual. If one is not on the farm, contact the equipment dealer or company representative.

Continuous mixing systems are only as good as the operator. E…

14 min read

Oyster Gardening in Mobile Bay

…consider Adoption. See for details on the
Adopt-a Garden options.If you are interested, please contact the Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center at (251) 438-5690.


This …

4 min read

Wrangling Youth Bullying

…aged or missing clothing, or other personal belongings
Unexplained bruises or other injuries
Few friends or close contacts
Reluctance to go to school or ride the school bus
Poor school performance
Headaches, stomachaches, or …

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Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar: April

…cores and adjust nutritional program as needed.
Plant and fertilize warm-season pastures according to soil tests.
Contact custom bermudagrass spriggers to get on their planting schedules early. Locate seed for establishment of other w…

Alabama Cougars: Sorting Fact From Fiction

… likes to cut and paste, and some people are really good at it!

If you still think it is a cougar:

Get away and contact the closest wildlife official or local law enforcement agency. Whether a released pet or wild animal, cougars ar…

5 min read

Tree Planting Contracts for Landowners: FAQs

…e involved in the planting operation.
Who are the parties involved?
This section should include names, addresses, and contact information of landowner(s) and contractor(s). It should also include contact information for anyone you have au…

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…, textbook, and exam. No refunds. Please register at least two to three weeks prior to the class.

Register Online

Contact your local Extension office for more information about upcoming classes.

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Food Safety (Video II)

… When handling a ready-to-eat product, always wear gloves. Consider single-use nonlatex gloves to avoid allergen cross contact.
Do not handle ready to eat foods with bare hands. Storage of Your Finished Product
Make a place to store …

2 min read

Black Widow and Recluses

… and other products, which are available at most stores. Each may have some success, provided the chemicals make direct contact with spiders during emission, but these measures are generally not as effective as reducing clutter is. These pr…

9 min read