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Make More from the Produce You Grow

…wberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, citrus, melons, plums, muscadines, and pecans. Producers are encouraged to contact individual businesses to learn their particular production needs (table 1).

How much produce can a producer…

4 min read

Advancing Bullying Awareness: Parenting Strategies for a Teen Being Bullied

…It is important to write down the answers to these questions. You will need this information if it becomes necessary to contact school staff or to write a formal complaint to the appropriate staff person at the school. It also will serve as…

5 min read

Six Resolutions to Get You Saving in the New Year

… save for the future.
More Information
For more information on how you can save for the future, visit or contact your county Extension office….

2 min read

Flood-Damaged Agricultural Buildings

… wood for indications of rotting or other damage that could weaken the building. Document the damage with pictures, and contact your insurance company.

Buildings that show signs of damage will need to be repaired. Truss members may need …

5 min read

Caring for Trees: Power Lines

… is not always enough.
After a storm passes and you first go outside, it’s important to be aware of damaged trees in contact with power lines. Follow these safety protocols when approaching storm-damaged trees that may be in contact with…

2 min read

Clearing Debris from Land

Here are some ways you can remove debris:

Inspect damaged trees to see if they can be salvaged. Contact an Extension horticulturist or forestry specialist for this work.
Remove valuable trees before clearing debri…

3 min read

Recovering Family Treasures

When you handle damaged items, remember to follow these guidelines:

Take photographs of your damaged items and contact your insurance agency as soon as possible to start the claims process.
Handle or touch damaged items as littl…

2 min read

Floor Cleanup and Renovation

Loosened Floor Coverings
Some floor coverings may crack or break when you try to loosen the adhesive. Contact a reputable dealer to find out what solvent loosens adhesives with the least damage to linoleum or vinyl. Heatin…

4 min read

Salvaging Furniture

…he container. Hold parts together with rope tourniquets or suitable clamps. To prevent damage from ropes or clamps, pad contact areas with cloth protection.


Damp Furniture
Furniture that has been submerged in floodwaters often…

6 min read

Cleaning Dishes and Utensils

…ng and Sterilizing Dishes and Cooking Utensils

Before using any dishes, pots, pans, or cooking utensils that were in contact with floodwater, wash and sterilize them.

Any piece of equipment that can be taken apart should be cleane…

3 min read

Flooding and Fire Ants

…females, and queen ants.
As the floodwaters recede, these floating fire ant colonies will get on anything they come in contact with. They are attracted to anything that might give them shelter until a mound can be reestablished in the soil…

3 min read

Reentering a Flooded Home

…do not enter if the home is flooded. Do not touch any electrical devices, especially if you are standing in water or in contact with the earth.

Combustible or Explosive Gases
When flooding is severe, gas lines are often broken i…

3 min read

Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out

…aste. Being prepared is the key to keeping food safe during a flood. Here are ways to prevent floodwater from coming in contact with food.

Raise refrigerators and freezers by placing cement blocks under their corners.
Move food fr…

5 min read

Safety After a Disaster

…cal and fire hazards. Never touch any building, car, or other structure that has a fallen power line touching it. Avoid contact with overhead power lines during cleanup and other activities. Do not burn candles near flammable items or leave…

4 min read

Returning Home

…ur roof has been exposed and the house is still standing, cover the roof to prevent water damage that may occur later.
Contact your insurance agent or company representative. Document when you called and who you spoke with.
Assemble clean…

2 min read