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Handling and Preserving Seafood from Water to Table

…3- to 4-inch layer of crushed ice in the bottom of the cooler. This provides a buffer zone to keep shrimp out of direct contact with any shrimp-ice drip which may accumulate in the cooler bottom. Most of the bacteria collect there. Above th…

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…ces with school curricula for a better understanding of environmental science issues.  Click for more info

Contact Us
State Office

Alabama A&M University
(Madison County & Statewide)
Dr. Karnita Garner
Office: (…

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TMI: Teens Making Impact

…th to develop self-esteem and social skills
Recognize and reward youth for their participation in the TMI program

Contact Us
State Office

Alabama A&M University
Kimberly Neloms
Office: (256) 372-4585
Email: burgeki@aces.ed…

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Wild Neighbors: Living with Urban & Suburban Wildlife

… what it does. If it approaches you, acts deliriously, or seems uncoordinated, it could be sick and should be avoided. Contact your local animal control officer if you suspect that a wild animal in your area is sick.

A commo…

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Assessing and Managing Storm-Damaged Timber

…n and timber tax laws, please visit The first step after following a casualty event should be to contact a registered forester.

Proper site preparation in storm-damaged areas is important because…

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Protect Your Holiday Treats Against Bacteria

…d utensils.

More Information
For more information on food safety, visit Alabama Extension online at or contact your county Extension office….

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Removal of Unwanted Fish in Recreational Fish Ponds

…ater temperature is between 65º and 75º F. If applying at other times of the year, you must take special precautions. Contact a district fisheries biologist or county Extension office for additional information on purchasing and applying …

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Weed Control and Wildlife Enhancement in Recreational Fish Ponds

…tical to treat the pond with a herbicide first and then to stock 10 to 15 grass carp per acre to maintain weed control. Contact your county Extension office for information on chemical control of aquatic weeds.
Alternative Stocking Strateg…

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Evaluation of Pond Balance in Recreational Fish Ponds

…vate fisheries consultants are also available to evaluate pond balance. For a list of fisheries consultants in Alabama, contact your county Extension office.

Pond balance can be checked by using a 15-foot minnow seine (1/4-inch mesh). Th…

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Fertilization and Liming in Recreational Fish Ponds

…ver, in most cases, the addition of lime to reduce acidity will settle a muddy pond. If liming does not settle the mud, contact your county Extension agent for advice.


Management of Recreational Fish Ponds Series

Pond Cons…

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Pond Construction and Watershed Management in Recreational Fish Ponds

…d. Many chronically muddy ponds need lime to reduce acidity and to settle suspended clay. If your pond is always muddy, contact your county Extension office for help. Visit
Essential Ingredients of Pond Management

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Scorpion Management in Residential Homes

…of small arthropod pests and should be protected rather than killed. If a heavy infestation of scorpions is a problem, contact a pest control professional. Professionals have access to products and methods not available to the general publ…

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Planning Ahead Can Help Keep Santa Out of Debt

…More Information
For more information on ways that you can reduce your debt this holiday season, visit or contact your county Extension office….

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Aquatic Resources Team: Project Activities & Impacts 2017

…lack, 7% Hispanic, 3% Asian
Conservative Direct Impact Estimate: $1,450,500 (using a conservative estimate of $150 per contact based on cost for professional assistance). Total grant funding for this project = $103,600.
Return on Investme…

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