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Common Tomato Problems

…nd no overhead irrigation. A regular fungicide spray program will help as well. For information on spraying vegetables, contact your county Extension office.
Diagnostic Tests
Tomato plants can get many diseases other than the ones mention…

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Controlling Scale Insects and Mealybugs

…n have been reported to attack native American beautyberry, figs, waxmyrtles, and boxwoods.

If you find this insect, contact your county Extension office so that additional records of this insect can be recorded.
Control Methods

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Managing Tawny Crazy Ants in Plant Nurseries

…of ant species and identification is difficult. If you or your staff encounter what you believe to be tawny crazy ants, contact your county Extension office and ask for a positive identification.

Use integrated pest management principles…

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Common Insects and Disease Pests of Turfgrasses & Ornamentals

…f Turfgrasses & Ornamentals, ANR-0910.


For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, contact Extension Communications and Marketing at 334-844-5696 or



ANR 910…

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Deciding Which Blueberry Cultivars to Plant

…ut these other management practices. If you have any questions about blueberry cultivars or other management practices, contact your county Extension Office.



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Pickling Foods at Home

For more questions on pickling or any other food preservation, visit Alabama Extension online at or contact your county Extension office….

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Beneficial Insects: Welcomed Visitors to Home Gardens

…esources that deal with the many aspects of vegetable and flower gardening. For more information, visit or contact you county Extension office….

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Get EGGcited for 4-H Poultry Week

…ditional $10 fee will be charged.

For more information about registration, visit the website at or contact your county Extension office.

Alabama 4-H provides youth development and education as part of the Alabama Coo…

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Biology and Control of Mole Crickets

…d surface activity, which is attributed to mortality as well as avoidance of treated areas. Insecticides that require a contact exposure and those that cause higher mortality are more likely to create avoidance behavior. Insecticides that m…

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Beef Cow Pregnancy Examination

…ows. Find the open cows in your herd, and prepare to sell them when their body condition and market prices are optimal. Contact Dr. Soren Rodning (334-844-7502), your veterinarian, the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association, or your re…

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Alabama Beef Handbook

… a PDF of Alabama Beef Handbook, ANR-1323.


For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, contact Extension Communications and Marketing at 334-844-5696 or

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Nutrition Facts Panel Order Form

…ipe are listed as their raw (precooked) weight. Record the weight of the batch before and after cooking in the form.

Contact us if there are any unusual processing methods that may alter the NFP. Additional questions may be asked in rega…

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Alfalfa Useful In Hay and Pasture Operations

…n average year.”
More Information
For more information on growing these mixtures, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your county Extension office….

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Common Complications With Calving


A uterine prolapse is much more dangerous than a vaginal or cervical prolapse and must be treated as an emergency. Contact your veterinarian immediately. Cows with a uterine prolapse will die without prompt medical attention.

If a u…

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Controlling Fire Ants in Vegetable Gardens

…e are three approaches used to control fire ants in the lawn and garden:

treating individual mounds with a bait or contact insecticide
broadcasting a fire ant bait that the ants pick up and take back to the nest and feed to the quee…

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