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Pond Construction and Watershed Management in Recreational Fish Ponds

Pond Construction and Watershed Management is part one of seven in the Management of Recreational Fish Ponds series.

Alabama has about 250,000 small ponds covering more than 134,000 acres. Ponds are usually built for several purposes: ir…

6 min read

High Tunnel Vegetable Construction

High tunnels are unheated, plastic-covered, solar greenhouses. Ventilation is passive through roll-up or roll-down side walls or curtains. Crops are grown in native soil under the high tunnel, which protects them from environmental extremes…

2 min read

Construction of a Dead-Poultry Composter

…chnique. In late 1990, at least 25 full-size composters were operating in the state, and many more were in planning and construction.

Preliminary studies of poultry composting were carried out by Dr. Dennis Murphy at the University of Ma…

5 min read

High Tunnel Construction

…may encounter problems if costs are cut significantly.

Metal pipe is the strongest framing material for rib construction. Custom metal bending can be costly, but do-it-yourself kits can be purchased from a variety of sources. Me…

3 min read

Subterranean Termite Control Products for Alabamians

…ite control in homes requires special skills, specialized equipment, and knowledge on both termite biology and building construction. Therefore, termite treatment is better left for certified pest control professionals. A possible exception…

6 min read

Carpenter Bees: Destructive Spring Pests

…rpenter bees chew round nest entrances and construct a channel or gallery to lay eggs. According to Hu, because gallery construction is a labor-intensive process, females often prefer to inhabit existing nests instead of excavating new ones…

2 min read

FAQ’s about the Pesticide Applicator University

…on. We also try to inform you about relevant and new information in the fields.

Sample Classes from 2015: Building Construction Basics, Household Pest Identification Workshop, Weeds Workshops in Turfgrass for OTPC, Calibration and Pest…

4 min read

Wild Turkey Management in Alabama

… will likely renest.

The Alabama Forestry Commission provides technical assistance on fire use and can help with the construction of fire containment lanes.

MANAGING OPENINGS. High densities of turkeys rarely occur where fields or for…

5 min read

Wood Duck Management In Alabama

…s should contact the USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS). SCS employees will provide free engineering advice on pond construction.

Beaver ponds. Beaver ponds are excellent for converting into either green tree reservoirs or Japan…

8 min read