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Forest Roads and Construction of Associated Water Diversion Devices

… are essential to modern forest management.

A cost estimate to build a forest road must include not only the initial construction cost, but also future maintenance costs. Frequently, the initial cost is the major consideration, and maint…

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Pond Construction and Watershed Management in Recreational Fish Ponds

Pond Construction and Watershed Management is part one of seven in the Management of Recreational Fish Ponds series.

Alabama has about 250,000 small ponds covering more than 134,000 acres. Ponds are usually built for several purposes: ir…

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High Tunnel Vegetable Construction

High tunnels are unheated, plastic-covered, solar greenhouses. Ventilation is passive through roll-up or roll-down side walls or curtains. Crops are grown in native soil under the high tunnel, which protects them from environmental extremes…

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Construction of a Dead-Poultry Composter

…chnique. In late 1990, at least 25 full-size composters were operating in the state, and many more were in planning and construction.

Preliminary studies of poultry composting were carried out by Dr. Dennis Murphy at the University of Ma…

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High Tunnel Construction

…may encounter problems if costs are cut significantly.

Metal pipe is the strongest framing material for rib construction. Custom metal bending can be costly, but do-it-yourself kits can be purchased from a variety of sources. Me…

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Costs & Trends of Southern Forestry Practices 2018

…33 acres (table 9).

Custodial Management
Custodial management costs may include activities such as road construction and maintenance, boundary line maintenance or surveys, insect and disease management, or legal fees. Only 2…

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Nursery and Greenhouse Industry Big Business in Alabama

…ete and equipment and those purchases fuel economic activity,” he said.

Burkett said people can learn more about the construction budget for a greenhouse at the Alabama Extension website.

A new 2,880-square-foot greenhouse in Alabama …

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A Tree of Hope

…on’t plant trees for today—we plant them for future generations.”
Planting Time
The Hallmark Channel funded the construction of 3 new homes in the Beauregard area and hosted a community Christmas celebration in early November. An ho…

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Economic Impact of a New Greenhouse in Alabama

… hydroponic lettuce (or something similar) in Alabama causes an increase in economic activity within the state, both in construction and in ongoing annual operations. Consider the following economic activity created during construction and …

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Agricultural Best Management Practices for Water Quality

… can be structural or nonstructural. Structural practices, such as fences and buffer strips, often involve some sort of construction, installation, and maintenance. Structures can be vegetative (buffers) or nonvegetative (fencing). Nonstruc…

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A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

…y include the purchase price of the land, site preparation, seedlings, planting, herbicide treatments, re line and road construction, pre-commercial thinnings, and annual taxes, although not every landowner will have all of these expenses. …

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Building a Floating, Living Fish Attractor

Fish are attracted to many different types of structure in ponds including rock piles, tree tops, and construction debris. In this video, Rusty Wright, an Alabama Extension fisheries specialist, and students from the Auburn University Schoo…

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Enterprise Budgets for Horticulture Crops

…ost on their operation.

Find below budgets for a number of horticulture crops as well as a budget for new greenhouse construction. Budgets are available as PDF files and some may be available as Excel spreadsheets. For questions about ac…

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Drought and Landscape Trees: Effects, Signs, and Watering Guidelines

…y for most mature and well-established trees. Established trees, with healthy root systems undamaged by recent building construction, will have an expansive root system capable of suppling some of this water. As a result, only supplemental …

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