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Wild Turkey Management in Alabama

…, depending on the management objectives of the pine stand. If it is necessary to burn during the growing season, which coincides with the turkey nesting season, care should be taken to ensure that other nonburned areas are available for ne…

5 min read

Make the Most of your 401K Plan

…e way to build your savings is to increase the contribution by one percent each year.  If you can time the increase to coincide with an annual raise, you probably won’t notice the change.  Some plans let you make automatic annual increa…

2 min read

Bobwhite Quail Management

…and or break up. During most years in Alabama, coveys begin breaking up by mid-April. The early stages of covey breakup coincide with the time males, or cocks, start whistling their characteristic bobwhite notes.

Initially, coveys …

8 min read

Sugarcane Aphid: A New Sorghum Pest of North America

…d aphids carried on the wind can spread locally to nearby fields and also over long distances to more northern regions, coinciding with grain sorghum coming into production. After a colony establishes, wingless daughters of winged aphids ma…

3 min read

The Jubilee Phenomenon

…gen-poor bottom waters forcing bottom-type fish and crustaceans ashore. Bottom water low in oxygen results from several coincidental circumstances. Pockets of salty water accumulate in the deep parts of the northern portion of Mobile Bay an…

3 min read

Oysters in Alabama

…ing when bacterial counts indicate that disease-causing organisms are above acceptable levels. These closures generally coincide with high river flow in winter and early spring, which carries increased pollution into the lower portion of Mo…

4 min read

The Orchard Mason Bee

… continue to develop into adults throughout the winter. Adults emerge the next spring.

Mason bee emergence generally coincides with redbud tree blooming. Males generally emerge first but must wait for females to emerge to mate. If you h…

2 min read

Stock the Basics for Emergencies

… These should include paper cups, plates, plastic utensils, paper towels, a bottle opener, cash or traveler’s checks, coins, a nonelectric can opener, a utility knife, pliers, Philips-head and  flat-head screwdrivers, a hammer, a crowbar…

4 min read

Nitrate Poisoning of Cattle in Alabama

…ation of nitrates is often favored by heavy nitrogen fertilization rates, particularly if the fertilization is timed to coincide with the onset of a drought period.

Under conditions of adequate moisture availability, hay produced in Alab…

3 min read

Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Species: Venomous Lionfish

… a picture of the animal and use a geo-tag if possible. Ideally, include something in the photograph for scale (e.g., a coin).
■ Store the fish on ice and transfer to a freezer as soon as possible.
■ Report the finding immediately to …

4 min read