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Drought and Forests: Information for Landowners

…ma is different than in Kansas). Precipitation deficits (reduced amounts, intensity,
and timing) as well as changes in climate parameters (e.g., increased temperature, winds, lower relative humidity, and less cloud cover) can lead to droug…

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Prescribed Fire: Weather

…seasons and even at different times of the day.

Often people are unsure about the difference between climate and weather.

climate is the long-term normal weather for a location over a specified interval of time. Climat…

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A Landowners Guide for Wild Pig Management

…pig ranges have expanded dramatically to include much of the United States, and populations now exist in such northerly climates as Michigan, North Dakota, and the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada. This current distribution …

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Silvopasture from a Farmer’s Perspective

… do shade grasses and legumes, they also serve to extend the season of cool-season grasses by providing a cooler microclimate as days get warmer. Common warm-season pasture grasses such as bermudagrass and bahiagrass can be used in a si…

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Planting Longleaf Pine in the Southern Urban Landscape

…rees are often root-bound and are prone to tipping over as they mature. 

Although longleaf pine will grow in colder climates, take special care to keep heavy accumulations of snow and ice off of branches to prevent breakage.


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Uneven-aged Management of Longleaf Pine: An Often Overlooked Option for Landowners

…restry use, but determining which one is right for your forest will depend on the species you are targeting, soil type, climate, and region. Herbicides require careful selection and application by a professional, so consult a natural resour…

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Ticks & Tick-borne Illnesses in Alabama

… believe they are infected.
When are ticks active and which illnesses do they transmit?
Because of the warm, southern climate, ticks in all life stages may be active year-round in Alabama. The table on page 5 shows when each tick species …

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Common Forestry Terms for the Forest Landowner

…-dominant) trees in a stand at a given base age (usually 25 or 50 years). Site index is specific to particular species, climates, and regions, and is used to prescribe silvicultural practices and project future tree growth.

site quality

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Feeding Birds

…fall is reduced. Birdbaths provide excellent sources of water year round and are even available with heaters for colder climates.

Automatic Platform Feeder

If you would like to build your own feeder, an automatic platform feeder like …

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The History and Use of Kudzu in the Southeastern United States

…udzu had largely become a nuisance. It had spread rapidly throughout the South because of the long growing season, warm climate, plentiful rainfall, and lack of disease and insect enemies. Abandonment of farmland during this time contribute…

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