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Eat to Compete: Sports Nutrition for Young Adults—Hydration

…es on Hot, Humid Days
High temperatures increase the rate of water lost through perspiration. Exercising in hot, humid climates presents yet another concern: the body’s ability to sweat efficiently is reduced because the sweat on the ski…

6 min read

Buying Organic— What Does It Mean?

…s moist because consistent soil moisture reduces plant stress.
Choose plants and vegetable varieties suited for your climate. This reduces water use, susceptibility to pests, and overall plant stress.
Use caution when applying any pes…

5 min read

Food Storage Charts

…mmon bacteria present that are normally not troublemakers but can become dangerous if they are given the ideal breeding climate, between 60°F and 125°F, in which they quickly multiply to dangerous levels and can cause food poisoning. Don…

3 min read

Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

Weather alerts are provided by local, state, and national authorities and the media when threatening climate conditions arise. Meteorologists are trained professionals equipped to analyze natural indicators of weather conditions that may be…

4 min read