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Severe Weather Watches and Warnings

Weather alerts are provided by local, state, and national authorities and the media when threatening climate conditions arise. Meteorologists are trained professionals equipped to analyze natural indicators of weather conditions that may be…

4 min read

Common Forestry Terms for the Forest Landowner

…-dominant) trees in a stand at a given base age (usually 25 or 50 years). Site index is specific to particular species, climates, and regions, and is used to prescribe silvicultural practices and project future tree growth.

site quality

11 min read

Feeding Birds

…fall is reduced. Birdbaths provide excellent sources of water year round and are even available with heaters for colder climates.

Automatic Platform Feeder

If you would like to build your own feeder, an automatic platform feeder like …

6 min read

Emergency Preparedness: What Should You Do? Pt 2

Weather alerts are provided by local and regional authorities and passed on to you by the media when threatening climate conditions arise. Meteorologists are trained professionals equipped to analyze natural indicators of weather con…

6 min read

Drought Management Strategies for Sheep and Goats


Mpelasoka, F., Hennessy, K., Jones, R., & Bates, B. (2008, August). Comparison of suitable drought indices for climate change impacts assessment over Australia towards resource management. Internal Journal of Climatology, 28(10), 1…

8 min read

Sheep Production in the Southeast

…The Southeast offers economic and ecological advantages to developing a profitable sheep flock that include a temperate climate free from extreme temperatures, potential for year-round forage availability, and a variety of marketing opportu…

18 min read

Vaccinations for the Beef Cattle Herd

…rt time. As a rule of thumb, only reconstitute enough vaccine to be used in 30 to 45 minutes, and use a cooler or other climate-controlled storage container to protect reconstituted vaccines from extremes of cold, heat, and sunlight.


11 min read

High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques

…me more severe inside; thus proper ventilation is critical. Higher temperatures, the exclusion of rain and a humid microclimate inside the plant canopy can promote certain insect pests, especially if there is little or no fallow period. Aph…

7 min read

Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation Water

…dicted that by 2025, eighteen countries will use more water than can be replenished (Credit Suisse, 2007; Clark, 2007). Climate changes occur annually, often, and in different regions of the world. Various regions will experience floods, dr…

14 min read

Growing Herbs Indoors

… bring rosemary inside, make sure to ease the plant into a more covered area outside. This allows the plant to become acclimated with the lack of sunlight. Remember to place rosemary in a sunny area of the house that will allow for six to e…

3 min read

High Tunnel Vegetable Production

…alia melons. Galia melons are light-green-fleshed cantaloupes with no sutures.

Galia melons are adapted to warm, dry climates that make them particularly suitable to high tunnel production. Other annual crops that could work well in a th…

2 min read

Basics of Saltwater Shrimp Farming

… shrimp (PLs) purchased from a hatchery. At stocking the PLs are less than 1/2 inch in length. Because of our temperate climate, ponds are stocked in April and May. Stocking densities vary from less than one post larval shrimp per square fo…

4 min read

Top Ten Most Wanted Bugs in Your Garden

…minate the need for pesticides and reduce maintenance costs. Because native plants have adapted to grow in our specific climate, they often require very little care once established and are generally more tolerant of drought. The diversity …

3 min read

The History and Use of Kudzu in the Southeastern United States

…udzu had largely become a nuisance. It had spread rapidly throughout the South because of the long growing season, warm climate, plentiful rainfall, and lack of disease and insect enemies. Abandonment of farmland during this time contribute…

8 min read

Soil Health in Alabama

…urifying water, and controlling pathogens.

Many soils in Alabama are depleted in soil organic matter due to the warm climate, coarse-textured soils, and intensive farming practices historically used in the state. It is important to rebui…

2 min read