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Food Storage Charts

…mmon bacteria present that are normally not troublemakers but can become dangerous if they are given the ideal breeding climate, between 60°F and 125°F, in which they quickly multiply to dangerous levels and can cause food poisoning. Don…

3 min read

Basics of Saltwater Shrimp Farming

… shrimp (PLs) purchased from a hatchery. At stocking the PLs are less than 1/2 inch in length. Because of our temperate climate, ponds are stocked in April and May. Stocking densities vary from less than one post larval shrimp per square fo…

4 min read

Planting Longleaf Pine in the Southern Urban Landscape

…rees are often root-bound and are prone to tipping over as they mature. 

Although longleaf pine will grow in colder climates, take special care to keep heavy accumulations of snow and ice off of branches to prevent breakage.


3 min read

Weed Control and Wildlife Enhancement in Recreational Fish Ponds

…id out, perhaps fertilized, planted (stocked), weeded, pruned (in this case, selectively harvested), and protected from climate-related catastrophe (for examples, turn-overs) to be bountiful. All of this takes time and effort, but the rewar…

10 min read

Aquatic Resources Team: Project Activities & Impacts 2017

Background: This project focuses on community resilience to natural and man-made hazards, including sea level rise and climate resilience. One tool used in this project is the Community Resilience Index. A Community Resilience Index web tr…

12 min read

Small-Scale Specialty Vegetable Production in the Southeast

…market these vegetables. The other advantage to growing these vegetables is that they are typically grown in warm humid climates such as Southeast Asia or Africa, and may be less prone to insect and disease problems.

This publication wil…

9 min read

Uneven-aged Management of Longleaf Pine: An Often Overlooked Option for Landowners

…restry use, but determining which one is right for your forest will depend on the species you are targeting, soil type, climate, and region. Herbicides require careful selection and application by a professional, so consult a natural resour…

11 min read

Ticks & Tick-borne Illnesses in Alabama

… believe they are infected.
When are ticks active and which illnesses do they transmit?
Because of the warm, southern climate, ticks in all life stages may be active year-round in Alabama. The table on page 5 shows when each tick species …

10 min read

Mariculture: A Developing Industry

…atives to offshore culture include low-salinity, inshore operations. Some animals including cobia and red drum can be acclimated to low salinity. Research is under way to determine the potential of culturing these and other marine species i…

7 min read

Disease Management in High Tunnel Systems

…ording to soil test recommendations.
Disease-Resistant Varieties
Disease-resistant varieties that are adapted to your climate should always be considered. Sources of information on resistant varieties for your area can be found at www.the…

9 min read

Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Managing for Good Herd Health

…quality roughage as part of a balanced ration. Check farm-raised feedstuffs for nitrates, mycotoxins, and other soil or climate-induced contaminants. Keep feeders or feeding troughs dry and free of stale, moldy feed and manure. Evaluate the…

5 min read

High Tunnel Vegetable Construction

…alia melons. Galia melons are light-green-fleshed cantaloupes with no sutures.

Galia melons are adapted to warm, dry climates that make them particularly suitable to high tunnel production. Other annual crops that could work well in a th…

2 min read

St. Augustinegrass Lawns

…of shade tolerance, leaf texture, and sensitivity to cold temperature exposure. ‘Floralawn’ should be grown in mild climates in moderate shade to full sun under low to medium fertility.
‘Jade’ is an improved semidwarf S…

13 min read

Growing Roses

…n abundance of flowers in June. Thousands of old-fashioned roses are available, but many are not suited for the Alabama climate. Teas, noisettes, Bengals, Chinas, and some species roses are extremely well adapted to our heat and humidity.

18 min read

Vermicomposting: Worms at Work

…material they were shipped with and a handful of garden soil. Cover them with a handful of fresh bedding to help them acclimate to their new home.

How Do I Feed Them?
Add more food when you notice most of the previously adde…

5 min read