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Protecting Non-cold Acclimated Strawberry Plants

…t of the information that we have on cold hardiness in strawberries is based on plants that were well established and acclimated to cold temperatures prior to freezing weather. Cold acclimation occurs in a plant after it has been exposed to…

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The ABCs of Climate Variability

…Oscillation (ENSO). ENSO is expressed in three different phases—El Niño, La Niña, and Neutral—and greatly affects climate variability from year to year in different parts of the world, including the United States.

How Are El Ni…

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Climate Effects on Forage and Beef Production

… weather conditions, impacts, and strategies for management in beef-forage systems.


Download a PDF of Climate Effects on Forage and Beef Production, ANR-2437.

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Climate and Crops iBook

Farmers need tools to help ensure that their growing seasons are profitable. “Climate and Crops”, an iBook from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is the tool that farmers need.

Twenty-five Climate and crop experts specializing i…

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El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Its Impact on Alabama’s Climate

…cold water is present in these locations, causing contrasting shifts in local weather patterns as well as in the global climate. Anomalous weather patterns in La Niña seasons are generally opposite from those in El Niño. These changes in …

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Adapting Corn Production to Climate in Alabama

… southern counties such as Talladega, Baldwin, Coffee, Escambia, and Houston provide 12 percent of corn acreage.

The climate variability in Alabama is mainly linked to ENSO, which is an oscillation that occurs every 3 to 7 years between …

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Adapting Wheat Production to Climate in Alabama

…, Escambia, Geneva, Houston, Henry, Dale, Coffee, and Covington are the leading counties in the southern region.

The climate variability is mainly linked to ENSO, which is an oscillation that occurs every 3 to 7 years between warm and co…

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Pecan Production in North Alabama

…e northern or non-traditional growing regions. North Alabama has abundant water resources, suitable soils, and a proper climate for growing these new cultivars. However, the limiting factor in the area is land availability. Current cash ren…

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Make Recycling a New Year’s Resolution

…e ENERGY STAR® products and appliances that are independently certified to save energy. This will not only protect the climate, but also save households money.
Some devices draw power even when they are turned off or not in use. Reduce …

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Drought and Forests: Information for Landowners

…ma is different than in Kansas). Precipitation deficits (reduced amounts, intensity,
and timing) as well as changes in climate parameters (e.g., increased temperature, winds, lower relative humidity, and less cloud cover) can lead to droug…

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Understanding the Types of Water Pollution

…e water.

Many of Alabama’s water resources are highly susceptible to pollution due to our unique geology and climate. Dissolved pollutants reach groundwater through a process called leaching and reach surface water when carried i…

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Establishing a Disaster Communication Plan

…hurricane season runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, on average a hurricane season produces 12 named storms. For the 2019 season, the forecast pro…

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Summer Heat and Rabbit Production

…more a luxury than a practical option. The efforts and expenses associated with establishing and operating a controlled climate for your rabbits are not practical, cost-effective, or economically feasible. Also, fresh air is essential for r…

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Prescribed Fire: Weather

…seasons and even at different times of the day.

Often people are unsure about the difference between climate and weather.

climate is the long-term normal weather for a location over a specified interval of time. Climat…

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Civil Rights

…o strengthen programming and enhance compliance. The plan provides mileposts for checking our progress as we maintain a climate of dignity and respect for all who approach Extension either in person or through vastly expanding digital platf…

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