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Essential vs Nonessential Businesses and the 2020 CARES Act

Essential versus Nonessential Businesses
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey ordered all nonessential businesses to close by 5 p.m. March 27. Opinions differ on what is essential and what is nonessential so to comply with this emergency order, check…

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What to Do if You Run Out of Money and Can’t Pay Bills

With the nation in a state of emergency because of COVID-19, many are taking on expenses they would not normally have. Some have lost income while others continue to work.

At some point, people will run out of money. With this unknown fa…

3 min read

Coronavirus: Supporting Local, Small Business

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many small businesses are facing serious challenges because of social distancing guidelines. Small businesses play a big part in the American economy. According to the Small Business Administratio…

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Vital Testing Labs Open for Business

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Farming waits for no man and no virus. Farmers across Alabama must keep their operations running while following health guidelines. To help ensure farmers have the resources they need, agricultural testing labs on …

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Nursery and Greenhouse Industry Big Business in Alabama

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – The poinsettia sitting on the hearth, the hydroponic lettuce in the refrigerator, the new shrubs waiting to be planted — all of these were probably grown right here in Alabama.

Paul Brown, associate director f…

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Business or Hobby? Active or Passive?

One advantage of a business is the ability to offset losses against income from other enterprises or wages. Whether the losses are currently deductible is determined by the classification of the business. The Internal Revenue Service consid…

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Is My Farm a Hobby or a Business?

Understanding tax laws and guidelines can help you avoid unexpected tax consequences on your small farm or ranch.

“Your tax return has been selected for examination by our office.”

These are words that no taxpaye…

3 min read

Strawberries: Alabama’s Sweet Business

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Strawberry season is underway in Alabama. Known for their bright colors and sweet taste, strawberries play a special part in the Alabama’s economy and culture.
A Sweet Business
Kevin Burkett, an Alabama Exten…

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Starting a Food Processing Business: Good Manufacturing Practices

You’ve decided to take that old family recipe and turn it into a food processing business. One of the many considerations in planning is to ensure a safe product.

All foods prepared at any location and offered for sale to…

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Rip-offs and Fraud Cost Money

Rip-offs and fraud are unscrupulous ways to separate people from their hard-earned money. Many consumers are unaware of deceptive tactics that exist in the marketplace. Occasionally, greed causes people to seek offers that seem too good to …

8 min read

Daily Money Management Guide for Caregivers

Professional Money Managers
If your parent or relative is having problems managing money, he/she is not alone. It is estimated that more than 500,000 older people in the United States need help with financial affairs. As a result, daily mo…

6 min read

Making LIFE Work – Restarting After a Job Loss

Grief is a common reaction after a layoff or job loss. But experts stress that it is okay to grieve. Grieving is a natural part of adjusting to a job loss, especially when the loss is unexpected and beyond our control.

Even so, i…

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Faith-Based Community Leadership During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Faith-based community leaders are in a unique position to address and minimize concerns, fears, and anxieties regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

In times of distress, the faith-based community serves as a trusted source of a…

3 min read

CARES Act Provides Benefit to Farmers with Employees

The government will pay farmers with employees labor costs for the next eight weeks if they are willing to complete the paperwork and provide the records. Payment will be in the form of a loan with no payments due for six months and which w…

5 min read

Coronavirus: Job Loss, Dealing with the Unexpected

Around the world, people are trying to cope with unexpected changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unforeseen changes such as job loss, school closings, business shutdowns, and social distancing escalate feelings of fear, anger, anxie…

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