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Obedience Training for Dogs

…ences, and inspiration for each handler. Search the advertising section of your local phone book for a list of clubs or associations that conduct obedience training classes. You may find these listed under pets or kennels. Local pet shops a…

2 min read

“Sweet Grown Alabama” Statewide Branding Program Launches

… farmers and makers of value-added products with at least 50 percent of ingredients grown in Alabama.
Associate. For associations, institutions, retailers, restaurants, businesses, farmers markets and others who support the mission but d…

2 min read

Cover Crops for Alabama

Cover crops are those grown to benefit the following crop as well as to improve the soil. They are normally not intended for harvest. “Green manure” is another term often used for soil-building cover crops. Cover crops can protect the s…

5 min read

Beaver Control in Alabama

…ake advantage of resources that can help you become an ethical, effective trapper. Consider national and state trapping associations, Alabama Extension, state fish and game agencies, and numerous Internet forums and online videos. Beginning…

9 min read

Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar: October

…s, soundness, health, and performance.
Make sure calves are weaned and weighed within acceptable age range for breed associations and performance record keeping.
Plan a heifer development program to reach target breeding weights.


Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar: August

… days before shipment.
Make sure calves are weighed to collect weaning weights within age range accepted by breeding associations and for performance record keeping.

Spring Calving Herd

Maintain good breeding records.
Observe …

Beef Cow Herd Planning Calendar: May

…ing strategies, and bunk breaking.
Make sure calves are weaned and weighed within the acceptable age range for breed associations and performance record keeping.
Perform pregnancy checks on cows/heifers and cull on pregnancy status, s…

Financial Assistance

About RCCP
RCCP eligibility guidelines per USDA NRCS:

Eligible Partners – Agricultural or silvicultural producer associations, farmer cooperatives or other groups of producers, state or local governments, American Indian tribes, muni…

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