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Cover Crops: Legumes

Winter Pea
Pisum sativum: Producers should plant winter pea in September. Winter pea grows on a vine, similar to vetch. This cold-hardy, annual legume can provide lots of residue, but may decompose quickly because of the high nitrogen con…

2 min read

Cover Crops: Other Options

Brassica napus: Canola/rapeseed is a winter annual. Producers should plant canola between September and early October when soil temperatures are between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Because brassicas grow rapidly and produ…

2 min read

Cover Crops: Cereals

Black Oat
Avena strigosa: Black oat is a winter annual cereal that provides great weed control, especially against broadleaf weeds. Plant black oats in late September to October. It is an excellent cover crop for nematode and weed control….

2 min read