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Respirator Review

Which respirator is right for the job?

Dust Mask/Filtering FacePiece Respirator

Does not provide mouth and lung protection. Used for removing or reducing the amount of harsh matter inhaled. Does not protect against g…

2 min read

Nutritional Management of Beef Replacement Heifers

Purchasing or raising replacement heifers is a systematic part of maintaining a beef cow- calf operation. Replacement heifers should ultimately grow into a productive, fertile female that produces a calf annually as part of the herd…

5 min read

Bacterial Spot of Tomato and Pepper

Bacterial spot is the most common disease of peppers in Alabama and is a recurring problem on tomatoes grown in the state. The disease can significantly affect marketable yield.

Bacterial spot is caused by four species of X…

9 min read

Pierce’s Disease Resistant Grapes In Alabama

…earchers expanded the research plot to include a next generation PD resistant 94% European grape from UC Davis named ‘502-20’ (Figure 1).

The goal of the study is to determine the feasibility of growing 94 percent Vitis vinifera grap…

3 min read

Beef Cow Pregnancy Examination

…, and prepare to sell them when their body condition and market prices are optimal. Contact Dr. Soren Rodning (334-844-7502), your veterinarian, the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association, or your regional Animal Science and Forages Ex…

6 min read

Foal Management: Preweaning Phase

Learn steps a horse owner can take during the preweaning phase of a foal’s life to ensure optimum health and future productivity.

To protect the initial investment in a foal and to optimize its health and productivity aft…

7 min read

Stocking Rates for Cow-Calf Operations in Alabama

Animal stocking rates offer pasture management guidelines and help provide a balance between livestock and pasture resources.

Defining Stocking Rates
A pasture stocking rate is defined as the number of animals per unit area …

3 min read

Brunswickgrass: A Weed in Southern Pastures & Bahiagrass Seed Fields

Brunswickgrass (Paspalum nicorae Parodi) is becoming a problematic weed in summer perennial grass pastures in the Southeast.


This plant is native to southern Brazil, northern Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay…

3 min read

Commercial Horticulture: Programs, People & Educational Resources

…house & Nursery

(334) 319-3829

Edward J. Sikora – Plant Pathologist

(334) 844-5502

Sonja B. Thomas – Pesticide Safety Education

(334) 844-8832

5 min read

Automatic Section Control Technology for Row Crop Planters

Automatic section control (ASC) technology for planters has gained interest among growers because of its potential savings and other benefits. Automatic section control is also referred to as auto-swath or row clutches when talking …

11 min read

Marketing Feeder Cattle With a Price Slide

… $5, and $7 per hundredweight price slides, respectively. The total value per head for the respective price slides are $502.92, $508.20, and $513.48 per head. The value per head increases as the price slide values increase. However, the val…

12 min read

Beginning Farmer Information and Impact Resources

The Alabama Beginning Farmers Project is funded by grants from the USDA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program (Awards 2015-04598 & 2018-02936). The overall project implementation plan involves collaboration with a wide rang…

1 min read