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Illness Prevention: It’s in Your Hands!

Effective handwashing can help reduce the spread of diarrheal as well as respiratory illnesses, such as coronaviruses. Handwashing, particularly before and after certain activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid get…

3 min read

Hemp Pest Management in Alabama

Hemp is a new crop for Alabama and for the United States. With the 2014 Farm Bill’s Pilot Program, many states beganproducing hemp for fiber, grain, or flower. Additionally, the 2018 Farm Bill listed hemp as an agricultural commod…

State Impact: 4-H College and Career Readiness

Growing Alabama’s Future
Young people in Alabama 4-H learn, lead, and make a difference. Alabama 4-H is growing the next generation of citizens, leaders, and workers while instilling essential skills and positive identity.
Delivery Snapsh…

1 min read

Home Lawn IPM Guide

Controlling weeds in the home lawn is not simple, automatic, or easy. Each home lawn is unique because of the differences in lawn grasses, soil types, ornamental plants, and weed problems. Different levels of management will be used…

It’s National Nutrition Month®

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ National Nutrition Month® has motivated Americans through various nutrition education messages since the 1970s. A specific theme is selected each March to motivate people to make wise health decision…

2 min read

Teens Across Alabama Attend 4-H Midwinter

This is a follow-up story with a delayed distribution. The event took place in Columbiana from January 31, 2020 to February 2, 2020. The event was held prior to the coronavirus outbreak, before the discovery of the virus in Alabama, and be…

2 min read

Cover Crops Play Vital Role in Soil Conservation

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Heavy bouts of rainfall and strong storms created the perfect scenario for Alabama producers to talk about the many benefits of planting cover crops during the winter season.

Audrey Gamble, an Alabama Cooperativ…

3 min read

Evaluation of Size-Controlling, Pest Resistant Peach Rootstocks for Alabama

A damaging soilborne fungus causing Armillaria Root Rot (ARR) disease is the second leading cause of peach tree mortality after Peach Tree Short Life (PTSL) in the southeastern United States. Estimated lifetime production losses attributed …

3 min read

Stop the Invasion of Weeds

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Spring is the time of year when plants start showing their new life in gardens and lawns. Unfortunately, along with the new life of beautiful foliage, comes a common nuisance in lawns; weeds. However, homeowners …

2 min read

Legal Pesticide Use in Alabama Hemp

In this video, Dr. Katelyn Kesheimer, an Alabama Extension entomologist, provides information on the legal use of pesticides in Alabama hemp.

1 min read

Coronavirus: Understanding COVID-19

In this video, Dr. Ken Macklin, an Alabama Extension poultry science specialist, provides information on COVID-19, the respiratory illness that was first identified in Wuhan, China.  Learn more about COVID-19, which is a novel coronavirus …

1 min read

Don’t Let Spider Mites Show Their Might!

In this video, Dr. Ayanava Majumdar, an Alabama Extension entomologist, discusses an overview of spider mites. These pests have become a major issue in both row crops and specialty crops.

1 min read

Quick Overview of Conventional Insecticides

In this video, Dr. Ayanava Majumdar, an Alabama Extension entomologist, discusses an overview of the main conventional insecticides used in insect control and management.

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