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Coronavirus: Seven Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged

COVID 19 has had a significant impact on our daily lives. Children are now at home all day and night, and parents may feel overwhelmed with how to keep them engaged. The following are seven suggestions to help create structure and purpose.

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Coronavirus: Customer Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Essential employees find themselves on the frontlines of the economic tidal wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The people who keep grocery stores stocked and operating are facing anxiety-driven customer behavior.

Customer service employees a…

2 min read

Coronavirus: EPA List of Effective Cleaning Products

Fear and uncertainty during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak have led to panic buying of toilet paper, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. We want to feel as if we have some control in taking care of ourselves and our families. Howe…

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Commercial and Private Applicators During COVID-19

As of March 16, the main campus of Auburn University and its outlying units transitioned to remote servicing in an effort to practice social distancing. The Pesticide Safety Education Program will remotely resume normal duties during this t…

3 min read

There’s No Place Like Home for Food Safety

Few of us today raise the food we eat. That makes us dependent on farmers and food processors in the United States and around the world for our supply. As such, we need to trust that the food we eat is safe and to do what we can to keep it …

5 min read

Coronavirus: Small Steps to Health and Wealth

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) now at the top of everyone’s radar, changes are prevalent. The possibility of quarantine and the closing of some businesses place the livelihood of individuals and families in jeopardy. While individual hea…

2 min read

Coronavirus: Should I Consider Putting Things on a Credit Card?

A lot of families and individuals are having to make tough decisions concerning putting charges on their credit cards because of the interruptions resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19 outbreak). In a normal situation, consumers are advi…

2 min read

4-H Working for Today’s Young People

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – In the midst of the coronavirus, 4-H is still finding ways to connect with Alabama young people. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the program is adapting its delivery methods to include additional digital resources f…

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Turfgrass Selection

Before You Choose
It would be easy to say that people should plant the kind of turfgrass they like the best. However, there are many factors to consider before deciding what is the best turfgrass.
Where the turfgrass will be use…

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Coronavirus: Tips for Shopping and Eating at Home

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many children and parents are home from school and work. Families should plan to prepare healthy meals and snacks during this time. To do this, you should keep your kitchen stocked with nutritious opti…

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Coronavirus: Seven Boredom-Reversing Ideas for Teens

Among the numerous precautions being taken to protect people from the coronavirus (COVID-19) is the closing of schools. These school closings can leave the average teenager thinking, No school! No social gatherings! You got to be kidding!

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Coronavirus: Where to Go to Get Help

Numerous resources are available to assist you and your family as you navigate the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The following are places you can go for help.
Alabama Career Centers—Jobs and Unemployment Benefits

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Coronavirus: Living on a Reduced Income

The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be an emerging, rapidly evolving situation, and health experts consider the continuing spread of the virus inevitable.

Everyone experiences changes in life—sometimes you plan for them and sometim…

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State Impact: 4-H Outdoor Education

Preserving Alabama’s Biodiversity
Alabama 4-H young people learn, lead, and make a difference.

Alabama 4-H engaged with 42,152 young people in hands-on learning about what is special about our state–the water, fish, trees, and wildlif…

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Reducing the Risk Hay Fire

Hay barn fires occur every year and are quite common. A fire can cost a farmer thousands of dollars in damages to buildings, hay, and equipment.
Moisture Levels
There are several risk factors that can contribute to a hay fire. However, pr…

3 min read