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Horticulture Notes: Harvesting and Curing Sweetpotatoes

One of the most important things to keep in mind when harvesting sweetpotatoes is that the roots of the sweetpotato are alive. The roots require sufficient oxygen to survive, even in storage. Changes in the envi­ronment, such as temperatur…

2 min read

Horticulture Notes: Pumpkins and Winter Squash

Even after they have matured and are removed from the vine, pump­kin and winter squash are still alive. The objective of curing and storing them is to prolong the post-harvest life of the fruit. Mature pumpkins and win­ter squash store be…

2 min read

Plastic Mulch for Vegetable Production

The use of plastic polyethylene mulch in fruit and vegetable production is a common practice in Alabama. Among the crops for which it’s used are strawberry, watermelon, muskmelon, tomato, pepper, cucumber, squash, and brassicas such as co…

3 min read

Pruning for Larger Tomato Fruit

Pruning helps to maintain a balance between vegetative and reproductive growth. If you don’t prune or prune very little, your tomato plants will produce excessive vegetative growth with reduced fruit size. Moderate pruning will leave your p…