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Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Programs


Daily Living

10 Ways You Burn Money on Your Car

Advertising Claims and Schemes

Auto Loan Modification Scams [English version]

Auto Service Contracts and Warranties [English version]

Auto Trade-ins and Negative Equity [English version]

Auto Warranties & Routine Maintenance [English version]

Before Signing a Contract 

Buying a New Car [English version]

Buying a Used Car [English version]

Buying by Mail 

Buying, Giving, and Using Gift Cards

Buying on Layaway 

Cell Phones

Cell Phones and The Do Not Call Registry [English version]

Charity Scams [English version]

Child and Adult Care Food Program 

Child Tax Credit Checks Delivered Soon

Disputing Errors on Credit Reports [English version]

Family Documents

FAQs About the FTC Refund Program [English version]

File a Complaint with the FTC [English version]

Food Stamp Facts  [English version]

Free Credit Reports [English version]

FTC--Comparing Used Cars

"Gas-Saving" Products [English version]

Getting Your Money Back [English version]

Glossary of Tax Terminology in English/Spanish  [English/Spanish]

Good, Better, Best: How to Improve Gas Mileage #1 [English version]

Good, Better, Best: Optimize Your Gas Mileage #2

Guide to Reporting Income from Tips 

How Buying Plans Work [English version]

How Credit Scores Affect the Price of Credit and Insurance [English version]

How to Prepare Federal Income Tax Form 

How to Put an End to Unwanted or Harassing Phone Calls [English version]

How to Right a Wrong

Immediate Steps to Repair Identity Theft [English version]

Insurance Basics 

Insurance ­ What is it?

International Long Distance Calling: Hello! 

It's a Buyers Market for Used Cars

Keys to Vehicle Leasing: A Consumer Guide 

Latino World: Culture [web site]

Latino World: Music [web site]

More Than Once Upon a Mattress: Used Bedding Labeling Rules

National Do Not Call Registry [English version]

New On Guard Online Section Offers Tips for Internet Auction Buyers and Sellers [English version]

Paying a Premium for High Octane Gasoline? [English version]

Prescreened Credit and Insurance Offers [English version]

Privacy Survival Guide: How to Take Control of Your Personal Information  [English version]

Protecting Retirement and Health Benefits After Job Loss [English version]


Reporting Cash Payments in Excess of $10,000 

Reporting Loses due to Unforeseen Facts, Disasters and Theft 

Request for Innocent Spouse Relief

Retirees Benefit from New IRA Withdrawal Rules

Robocalls [English version]

Saving Money on Gas [English version]

Sew Quick

Signs of Identity Theft [English version]

Smart Car Buying

Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, and Email [English version]

Stopping Unwanted Sales Calls [English version]

Tax Payer's Rights 

Telemarketing: How to Have a Quiet Evening at Home [html] [English version]

Telemarketing Scams [English version]

The Telemarketing Sales Rule [English version]

Time and Time Again: Buying and Selling Timeshares and Vacation Plans

Travel Tips: How to Gear Up for a Great Trip

Trial Offers: The Deal Is in the Details

Understanding the Process of Tax Collection 

Understanding Vehicle Financing [English version]

Vehicle Repossession [English version]


What Can You Do to Save Insurance Dollars?  [English version]

Work-At-Home Schemes May Not Offer the Job of Your Dreams


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