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Volume 14, Number 2
January - March 2015

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Focus on Health & Wellness

Ebola: Still a Serious Health Threat

Improve Yourself and Your Health in 2015

Love Your Heart

Maintaining Your Health during Disasters

New Micro-Grant Programs for Small Business Owners

What's in Your Garden?

You Are What You Eat!


Metara T. Austin, Urban Regional Extension Agent, Montgomery County

Jean Dwyer, Extension Communications Specialist & EDEN Point of Contact

Elizabeth Phillips, Urban Regional Extension Agent, Mobile County

Robert Spencer, Urban Extension Regional Specialist

Tremaine Tyler, Extension Graduate Assistant

Tamara Warren, Ph.D., Extension Health and Nutrition Specialist

Wendi Williams, Editor & Extension Communications Specialist

Metro News Editorial Team - Alabama A&M University

For inquiries, please contact the editor at 256-372-4953 or williw1@aces.edu

Julio Correa, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Extension Animal Scientist

Jean Hall Dwyer, Extension Communications Specialist (Website Design)

Wendi A. Williams, Editor & Extension Communications Specialist (Newsletter Design)