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Improve Yourself and Your Health in 2015

By Metara T. Austin, Urban Regional Extension Agent, Montgomery County

Self Improvement road signDo you want to be more involved, learn something new, improve your health, or enjoy more economic freedom in 2015? You can do it all with one call to your local Extension office. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Program Unit offers a variety of programs to educate, encourage, and empower individuals and families across the state. Some of these programs include:

  • Community Health Aerobic Motivational Program Initiating Optimal Nutrition, better known as CHAMPION, is a wellness program designed to help youth and adults achieve a healthier lifestyle. This program series includes nutrition education, physical fitness training, and strategies for taking control of your health.
  • Making Money Count focuses on educational outreach to facilitate responsible management of resources and help participants improve their overall economic well-being. Each unit includes interactive and hands-on activities to reinforce financial management concepts.
  • Volunteer in Urban Programs or VIP recruits, enrolls, and trains volunteers to assist with Extension-sponsored events and activities. This structured program provided volunteers with the specialized training necessary to successfully support Extension programs.

To learn more about Urban Extension programs, visit www.aces.edu/urban. To find out what Extension programs are available in our area, visit www.aces.edu, click on Offices on the navigational bar, and then search by county. Or call Urban Affairs at (256) 372-5710.