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Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Programs

SerPIE One Health

Conference on Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products

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Registration Table: Donna Gilbert, Nancy McCrary, Erica James, & Dr. Dorothy Brandon

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      • Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
      • College of Agricultural, Life and Natural Sciences, Alabama A&M University
      • USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture
      • Alabama A&M University
      • Covanta, Inc.
      • 1890's Land-Grant Universities - Water Center
      • Partnership for a Drug-Free Community
      • University of Illinois Extension
      • Center for Water and Air Quality-Florida A&M University
      • Kentucky State University
      • Tennessee State University
      • University of Benin
      • Alabama Cooperative Extension System

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    Reception with Dr. CaplesMeetingDiscussion at table 1Reception pic 1Dr. Stovall at receptionReception pic 2MeetingReception pic 3Reception pic 5Dr. Samuel Chan [keynote speaker] & Dr. Celvia StovallWhat's next on the program?Table discussion

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