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Urban Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (UEFNEP)


Our Mission
An Hispanic family on a picnic

Nutrition education classes are provided for Alabamians with limited resources to empower people to make better nutrition choices and health decisions. Research studies reveal families receiving nutrition and health education through EFNEP programs exhibits healthier children, positive youth development, and better food management skills. In addition, families were healthier and spent less money on junk food and healthcare.

The geographic area to be served with the UEFNEP funds allocated to AAMU will include limited-resource Hispanic mothers of young children and youth in communities located in Marshall (12.9%), Morgan (7.8%), Limestone (5.8%), and Madison (4.7%) counties. These counties are located in the Huntsville and Decatur, two Metropolitan Statistical Areas served by Extension's Urban Affairs Unit.

Our Goals

  • Improve the nutritional quality of the foods consumed by the target audiences.
  • Increase standard practices in food storage, preparation, safety and sanitation.
  • Promote the ability to manage food budgets and related resources such as food stamps.

UEFNEP Publications

UNP-2134 - Frozen Foods: Food Safety
Food Safety Graphic from UNP-2134


[Photo courtesy FPiontek @ flikr.com/creativecommons]