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Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities

Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities Toolkit [order form]

I. Introduction

Greetings! And welcome to Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities (PREP). If you are reviewing the PREP toolkit, it means that you are among those who are seeking information on job search skills and work force preparation.  The PREP toolkit serves as a hands-on-resource to help youth, pre and young professionals, and those in job transition to prepare for the workforce or return to the job market.  Participants gain knowledge and skills on how to assess and communicate their work-place worth, and present their best self. 

II. PREP Toolkit Design

The PREP toolkit is developed as a teaching tool for educators with research based information, interactive materials, and take-away products that reinforce concepts for learners and offer practical applications for positive outcomes. The toolkit was designed around four main content areas: 

  1. Building Resumes
  2. Completing Job Applications
  3. Interview Skills 
  4. Professional Image

III. How to Use PREP

The PREP toolkit has a simple and flexible format.  It can be used by educators to teach single lessons on any of the 4 major concepts.  Or it may be used in a workshop setting.  Each lesson is designed to be completed within a one-hour time frame.  Supporting resources are included to allow for hands-on practice exercises that may be used during the lessons, in a follow-up laboratory experience, or as a take home activity. The interactive resources are accessible online for self-paced, independent use. 

IV. PREP Evaluation

The evaluation component of PREP includes a pre and post-test. The pre-test measures participants’ behavior or conditions prior to participation in the PREP training.  The post-test measures participants’ behavior or conditions subsequent to training and is designed to be used at the completion of all of the four content areas.

V. Who Developed the PREP Toolkit

The PREP toolkit was developed by the Financial Literacy Across the Lifespan Strategic Program Initiative Team of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Programs unit. Contributing professionals include:

Jannie Carter   Extension Assistant Director   Alabama A&M University   
Metara Austin   Urban Regional Extension Agent   Montgomery County
Ciji Griffin   Urban Regional Extension Agent Macon County
A. Renee’ Heard  Urban Regional Extension Agent Morgan County
Amanda Outlaw     Urban Regional Extension Agent   Mobile County
Cynthia Whitaker  Urban Regional Extension Agent Jefferson County

VI. Acknowledgments

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Programs unit and the authors would like to thank all who contributed to the development of this resource.  We especially appreciate Ms. Wendi Williams, Communications Specialist, for her technical expertise and recommendations.


PREP Toolkit ContentToday's Job Search

Resume Building 

Resume Building PowerPoint Presentation: The essentials of building a strong resume that gets employer’s attention are discussed.  The presentation clearly distinguishes resume types and discusses when to use them. 

Resume’ examples and templates:  The toolkit contains easy to follow examples and interactive template resources for drafting personal resumes for three major resume types including:                      

    • Chronological                      
    • Functional
    • Combination

How to Complete a Job Application

How to Complete a Job Application PowerPoint Presentation:  Job application procedures are emphasized that offer proven techniques for showcasing credentials that get interviews whether completing an application online or written.

How to Complete a Job Application (publication):  The How to Complete a Job Application publication complements the powerpoint presentation.  It serves as a handy reference and contains the basics of completing a job application correctly, including dos and don’ts.

Sample Application for Employment (template):   A sample application for employment is provided in a template format allowing for hands-on experience to practice correct job application procedures.

Interview Skills and Appropriate Dress

Interview Skills and Appropriate Dress PowerPoint Presentation:  Essential interview skills are shared, starting with the moment of arrival at the interview site until the last attention to appearance details.

Professional Image:

Professional Image PowerPoint Presentation:  Wardrobe information is provided and non-verbal cues that speak to professional image as a communicator of self are addressed.